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Thursday February 22 2018 

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The Greenhouse Lynx

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#Nameothername1 Height  Position  Weight  Nick Name 
37Brittany Borden 5' 6"Rusher, LB0BB
Erica Bosch 0' 0"QB, Reciever, Corner0Munchie
30Racquel Brown 0' 0"Corner, RB, Receiver0Racquel
28Vania Cornwell 6' 2"Receiver, Safety0
08Denicia Cranston 5' 2"Rusher, RB, Receiver0Deda
03Sophia Dilbert 5' 3"LB, Receiver0Dilbert
Kimberly Ebanks 0' 0"Rusher0Kim
06Anya Edun 5' 6"QB0
18Ashley Frederick 5' 6"Corner0Ash
13Loletta Hanna 5' 8"Blocker, QB, Receiver0Hanna
56Yasmin James 0' 0"Blocker, Rusher, Center, 0Yaz
07Ericka Lynch 5' 8"Blocker, Receiver0Ericka
09Carla Martin 5' 4"Center0Kittycat
05Lanisia McLaughlin 5' 7"Blocker, Center0Lanie
19Christina Mclean 5' 5"Corner, WR0Mclean
24Christsania Parker 5' 8"LB, WR0Chrissy
11Kimberly Rivers 0' 0"QB0Kim
Tracey Seymour 5' 4"Center, Receiver, Rusher0
92Takiyah Smith 5' 8"Blocker, Rusher0Brickhouse
99Camille Solomon 5' 3"RB, Receiver, Corner0Camie
32Letanya Thompson 5' 8"Blocker, Receiver0Redbone
08Alexia Walton 5' 5"Receiver, Rusher0Lexc
Marline Williams 5' 7"Blocker, Receiver, Rusher0Laylow