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Thursday February 22 2018 

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Which team will go undefeated this season?

HSM Vipers: 14

Island Heritage Predators: 1

The Greenhouse Lynx: 4

Kensington Hellcats: 3

Red Stripe Wolverines: 1

BK Panthers: 2

Guinness Lady Sharks: 0

Maples: 0

None of the above: 10

Total Votes: 35
Burger Shack vs Uncle Clems! Who comes out on top??

Uncle Clems: 2

Child PLEASE! : 3

Total Votes: 5
Who will be the first team to defeat Burger Shack?

Go Flag Yourself: 2

Uncle Clems: 3

Walkers: 1

Cayman National Bank: 1

Bogle Insurance: 2

Deloitte: 0

Maples: 0

Child PLEASE!!!: 10

Total Votes: 19
Which team will notch the top seed for the upcoming playoffs?

Panthers: 5

Hellcats: 13

Total Votes: 18
Will the Burger King Panthers go undefeated?

Yes: 8

No: 9

Maybe: 3

Total Votes: 20
Will the Burger King Panthers go undefeated?

Yes: 3

No: 1

Maybe: 23

Total Votes: 33
Who will win the "A" division in the Coed League?

Go Flag Yourself!: 2

Duke's : 1

Impressions Beauty Salon: 18

Wok-N-Roll: 10

CrossFit7Mile: 1

Burger Shack: 22

Andro Elevator: 8

Los Terroristas: 3

Cronies: 1

Pizza Hut: 1

Total Votes: 67
Which team will win the COED "B" Division now that the 2x defending champs Wok-N-Roll have moved up to the "A" Division

KPMG: 15

Walkers: 13

Higgs & Johnson: 9

Kirk Freeport: 4

WakeBoard Cayman: 0

Cayman Auto Diagnostic: 19

Burger King: 5

Andro Elevator: 0

Weststar: 3

Ospreys: 3

Total Votes: 71
Which men's team will play against each other in the finals?

BK Panthers and Maples Dolphins: 4

LoneStar Bulldogs and BK Panthers: 8

Maples Dolphins and West Bay HellCats: 3

LoneStar Bulldogs and West Bay HellCats: 4

Total Votes: 19
Which mens teams will advance to the second round of the playoffs?

Maples Dolphins & DMS HellCats: 14

Cox Colts & KPMG Sharks: 3

Maples Dolphins and KPMG Sharks: 2

Cox Colts and DMS HellCats: 1

Total Votes: 20
How will the men's national team perform in the Bahamas tournament they are currently attending?

Win it all and bring the Trophy home to Cayman.: 1

Make it to the finals only to be disappointed once again.: 12

Suffer a surprising loss in the Semi-Finals.: 0

Fail to make the playoffs due to feasting on too much conch.: 1

Did not even know there was a national team going to Bahamas.: 3

Total Votes: 17
Which team will win the 2012 CIFFA Digicel Summer League Championship?

Club House Bulldogs: 7

DMS WB HellCats: 13

Burger King Panthers: 3

Maples Packers: 7

Total Votes: 31
Which "spotting of the ball" rule should CIFFA use next year?

Ball spotted where flag is pulled. (Old): 11

Ball spotted where ball is at the time the flag is pulled. (New): 22

Total Votes: 33
Which team has been the most disappointing so far this season?

Club House Bulldogs: 0

Cox Colts: 12

Cayman Power Sports & Marine Hurricanes: 9

Total Votes: 21
What is the general feeling regarding Field Goals this year?

A definite plus and should be enforced for XP: 22

A definite plus but no need to enforce on XP: 12

It adds to the game and should be enforced on XP: 2

It adds to the game but no need to enforce: 5

Hate it - get rid of it: 2

Total Votes: 43
Will the West bay Hellcats continue their dominance and win their 4th title in a row?

Yes, without doubt: 12

Slight chance: 10

Not possible: 7

Total Votes: 29