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Saturday April 21 2018 

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DMS/WestBay Hellcats increase legacy with 8th Championship!
Oct 7, 2014, 10:11 am

Congrats to the Hellcats on notching their 8th Premier League title:


Hellcats Champions

Domino's Lynx secure Digicel Women's Title!
Oct 7, 2014, 10:01 am

Congrats to the Lynx on notching their first Premier League title:


Lynx Champions


Hellcats roar, claim top spot!
Sep 30, 2014, 8:54 am

The dms West Bay Hellcats are on course for another gridiron championship.


With seven titles already to their name, the Hellcats put themselves in the driver’s seat for an eighth triumph by wrapping up the No. 1 seed in the 2014 Digicel Premier League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association. Dms, which boasts a 11-1 record, will be among four men’s teams in the playoffs, which start on Saturday at the Ed Bush field in West Bay. Hellcats tackle the No. 4 Island Heritage Predators, who went 8-4, at 1 p.m. before the No. 2 seed Burger King Panthers, the reigning champs at 9-3, battle the No. 3 seed Lone Star Mustangs – who went 8-4 – at 3:15 p.m.


Dms kicker Nick Bush said the focus now is on Island Heritage.“The only team that can really beat the Hellcats is the Hellcats, that’s the only team out there,” Bush said. “We have to put this behind us now, start over again like it’s week one. We’re playing against the Predators now, after that we can look forward to the finals. We’re going to have to work on playing Predators this week and execute against them. They’re a hard-fought team so we’ll be playing another hard game again. It’ll be everybody doing their part and collectively putting a team effort in there. No mistakes, no getting over-anxious, just playing Hellcats football. Once we do that, we’re good to go.”


West Bay took the top spot on the strength of its defense, which allowed a league-low 55 points. Veterans like Damian Barboram, Nathan Narcisse and Nikolai Hill are the driving force behind a unit that is stingy against the run and thrives on intercepting deep passes. The Predators, technically a rookie club, have leaned on a stout offense that has scored 235 points – second-most in the league. The newcomers have leaned largely on established talents like Will Peguero Jr. and Jordan Cacho, though quarterback Jordan Stubblefield has been playing like the Rookie of the Year.


Dms ended its campaign with a tense 7-6 victory over the Panthers last Saturday. An emotionally-charged tussle throughout, Burger King led most of the way, courtesy of two field goals by David Taylor. The game changed in the closing minutes when Barboram, showing his versatility, fielded a punt and did a reverse pitch to team mate Nigel Solomon, who went the length of the field for the tying score. Bush would nail the decisive extra point. The contest would end unceremoniously as both benches cleared due to some ill-advised, on-field antics.


Bush credits his teammates for the winning kick.

“I was real nervous, I had a lot of people talk to me to make sure that I was, and we were, all prepared for that kick. Everybody was counting on me to make sure everything was executed precisely, to make sure that kick went through. So don’t give no thanks to me, give the thanks to my team. Without them, I won’t be out there kicking. My team, I really depend on them. They make it happen for me. I know everybody underestimated us. We knew within ourselves that we always want to win.”


It should be noted that it was an unusually anaemic performance by the Burger King offense, which scored a league-best 248 points this season. Among the catalysts for that juggernaut offense are QB Chris Lucas, versatile running back Glenn Duran Jr. and wide outs like Nicholas Roberts and Ed Pellot-Rosa. Duran Jr. and receiver Simon Rivers were among the players sidelined last Saturday with injury. Interestingly, the Panther defense allowed 65 points – second only to the Hellcats. Matt Bone, Jamuel Dell and Jon Carter were among the key defensive figures this year.


Burger King captain Brendon Malice gave his thoughts on the contest and the emotions between the two teams.“As always, it was a close defensive game,” Malice said. “I guess the difference was special teams. We had six points off field goals and they had a punt return for a touchdown. Both defenses came out and played good, both offenses struggled to move the ball. They were fortunate enough to get the extra point to go up 7-6 in the last two minutes.

“Both teams have a lot of familiarity with each other. The last three years, it’s been either them or us in the semifinal or final. There’s a lot of mixed emotions, per say, but at the same time there’s a mutual respect for each other. We like the way they play and I’m sure they respect the way we play.”


On the flip side, the defeat cemented a surprising late skid that saw the Panthers end the season with three straight losses. Among the clubs to slay the champs were the Mustangs, who took out Terry Ballard and the Cox Colts, 19-14, in their finale. Lone Star, while unspectacular on the stats sheet and at times on the field, lean on two-way heroics from Chris Spigner and Jamie Stephen, defensive magic from Chip Whitney and key catches by Neil Carle and Paul Jr. McField.


Malice says the Mustangs represent a tough challenge.“We played them last year in the final, we played them again this year and we split the series. They’re a good, well-coached team. They’re going to prepare for us, we got to come out and capitalize on our play and not make any mistakes. It should be, again, a nice, tight, close-played game. I like my team to pull through it though. I feel that we have a great team, I know we were missing some starters to injuries. I’m hoping to get the whole team back this week for the big game.


“Panthers in the final, come bring your popcorn!”


After Saturday’s games, the league finals will take place on Oct. 4, featuring the men’s and women’s teams. Association president Maggie Ebanks says anything can happen this weekend.


“Our league is blessed to have a number of players who have played football away and one thing they are able to do is bring a different level of play and competition here to our local league,” Ebanks said. “With Duran from the Panthers, it’s uncertain how much of him will be seen in the playoffs due to his injury, however, when he’s on the field, there’s a difference in how the ball is ran. Spigner from the Mustangs we normally see in a receiver position on offense, where he’s able to show off his speed and catching ability.


“However, the last two games he’s been in the QB spot and done exceptionally well. Having the speed that he does, he definitely keeps defenses on their toes in that position, but will throw the ball down the field if need be.

“I feel the playoffs could go either way for both the men and women. I don’t believe any team has a clear shot and whoever wins will have to work for that win. Teams aren’t going to give up and each team will leave everything on the field. Now is when games really matter for the teams that made it. I definitely feel there will be some exciting and fun games to watch.”

Scorpions and Sharks score upsets!
Sep 30, 2014, 8:52 am

The Lady Sharks and CrossFit 7Mile Scorpions served notice of their championship intentions.


After roller coaster regular season campaigns in the 2014 Digicel Premier League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association, both clubs produced riveting upsets in the women’s playoffs. Now the 6-6 sides tangle with the frontrunners in the second round on Sept. 27 at the Ed Bush field in West Bay. The No. 1 seed Domino’s Lynx tackle the No. 6 Scorpions at noon before No. 2 Androgroup Killa-Panthers, the reigning champions, battle the Sharks at 2:15 p.m. Both top seeds had first round byes, with the Lynx boasting a 9-1-2 record while the Killa-Panthers were 7-2-3.


Joshua Pawlik serves as the head coach of CrossFit, while Andrew Wisdom leads the Sharks. Both said self-confidence is the key to their success on Saturday. “We’re happy to be playing this week, we feel that we left a lot of points on the field, offense and defense,” Pawlik said. “Now, we got a really good Lynx team. Our confidence is at an all-time high. We finished the season beating the Lynx, Anytime Fitness Wolverines, Sharks and Caledonian Killa B’zzz. We’re coming in, we feel like we’re the hottest team. We know the Lynx are the No. 1 seed for a reason.


“They’re a great team, so much athletes. We just got to come out, play our game and the biggest thing is we got to have fun doing it. We lost a little bit of the fun [against the Wolverines] and it showed. If we’re having fun, we can beat anybody.”


“Right now, our team, our weakness is ourself,” Wisdom said. “When we beat ourselves, that is our downfall. If we keep it together and keep our composure, no team in the league can stop us.” Both top seeds have the talent to book a finals berth. Androgroup relied on Christina Hefner, Alicia Dixon and Becky Lucas while Domino’s featured Saneata Smith, Alex Terry and Lolita Hanna.


CrossFit advanced to the next round in dramatic fashion, beating Anytime Fitness, 19-13, on a touchdown catch in overtime by Cassandra ‘Cat’ Bodden – just over the finger tips of Wolverine defender Amber Watson. The Scorpions had the lead most of the game as quarterback Jessica Pawlik hit her receivers down field, with the likes of Camille Solomon and Maggie Ebanks making receptions. The Wolverines made two of the biggest plays in the contest, as Renee Thompson returned an interception for a TD to tie the game and Martina Bodden caught a Nekita Saintvil pass and weaved her way to the pylons to force overtime.


Anytime Fitness went into the contest as the No. 3 seed with a 6-3-3 record. The Wolverines played without a number of their star players – such as first string QB Antoinette Lewis, all-arounder Jahzenia Thomas and defensive force Carrie Barnett-Carter. Pawlik said Cassandra Bodden was lucky to grab the winning score.


“Well, in the first half, we played really well. We had it,” Pawlik said. “They’re a great team as they showed by jumping a route and tying it up. We know every time we play Wolverines, it’s a great team with great coaching – with Phil Brown, David Taylor and Adrean Russell. Seriously, all respect to that team – they played great. The girl at corner [Watson] that played there on that last play, it just went over her fingers by an inch. She was there all day and knocked them down all day. Instead of doing a bullet, we tried to lob it more over her head. It worked.


“I told her after the game she played one of the best games I’ve seen all year by a corner and don’t let that get her down. Cat was there, as she is every game, every week. She never leaves the field for offense and defense. She’s right there, she grabs it and game over.”


Meanwhile, the Sharks toppled the Zulu Warriors, 7-0, in a defensive battle. Both squads made offensive possessions tough as Ileann Powery and Krystle Barrett of the Sharks and rose to the occasion. QB Dionne Whittaker of Zulu had problems finding receivers deep down field while Sharks hurler Bobeth O’Garro worked short routes to the likes of Serena Yates before hitting Scimone Campbell in the end zone for the decisive score.

Zulu went into the playoffs at 6-1-5. Behind head coach Will Peguero Jr, the Warriors boasted the sort of athleticism – with Jessica Ebanks, Shenel Gall and Renee Chisholm – to be a title contender. Wisdom said the victory was a result of hard work in practice.


“This game really meant a lot to us. It’s win or go home so we really had a good practice last week. The ladies came out and dedicated themselves, we put the work in and it paid off in the end with the win.”

Androgroup wired to tackle repeat!
Sep 30, 2014, 8:50 am

Parity might be the biggest stumbling block for the Androgroup Killa-Panthers.

The reigning women’s champions are aiming for a second consecutive national title as the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association begins its women’s league playoffs for the 2014 Digicel Premier League. The Ed Bush field in West Bay will host a pair of postseason matches on Sept. 20. Five other sides – Domino’s Lynx, Anytime Fitness Wolverines, Zulu Warriors, Lady Sharks and CrossFit 7Mile Scorpions – are vying to knock the Killa-Panthers off their throne, and they all have the talent and impact players to accomplish that feat.


Association president Maggie Ebanks says the balance of power in the league makes Androgroup’s repeat bid tough. “What has stood out to me about the league this year? It’s been that any team that comes out and plays hard can affect and win a game,” Ebanks said. “We have seen a few unexpected wins, losses and draws that can only be explained by that. The season has also proved that anything can happen and that teams should not be taken for granted. Lastly, this season has continued to live up to the statement that we are the fastest growing sport on island. New faces, new teams are something we are continuing to see and we hope the trend continues with each league we have.”


On Saturday, the No. 3 seed Wolverines face the No. 6 seed Scorpions at 11 a.m. before the No. 4 seed Warriors and No. 5 seed Sharks do battle at 2:30 p.m. Anytime Fitness were 6-3-3 during the regular season behind the likes of Jahzenia Thomas, Nekita Saintvil and Agueda Blake. CrossFit were 6-6 featuring Cassandra Bodden, Jessica Pawlik and Tamika Byrd. Zulu had a 6-1-5 mark, thanks to Dionne Whittaker, Sheyla Torres and Tanjana Campbell while the Lady Sharks were 6-6 with Scimone Campbell, Bobeth O’Garro and Ivanna Powery.


Androgroup is the No. 2 seed at 7-2-3 behind Christina Hefner, Alicia Dixon and Shari Seymour while Domino’s sport the No. 1 seed at 9-1-2, thanks to Saneata Smith, Alex Terry and Lolita Hanna. Both the Killa-Panthers and the Lynx have first round byes and march into battle on Sept. 27. The final is on Oct. 4.


Out of that group, Domino’s would seem to be early favorites based on current form. The Lynx ended their season with a convincing 12-6 win over Androgroup and sport the league’s best defense – which allowed a competition-low 38 points behind the likes of fan favorite Danielle Connolly.


Ebanks says the Lynx and Wolverines will be teams to watch in the final weeks.


“Who are the some of the teams and players to note? Keisha Solomon from the Lynx stepped up into a position that isn’t her normal spot and has done exceptionally well in it. Yes, she’s thrown some interceptions as every other quarterback has, but there is a dynamic difference in that team when she is on the field.


“Biannca Johnson from the Wolverines is small, but she’s quick. Don’t miss her flag because you probably won’t catch her. However, she’s also able to throw the ball so when catching the ball behind the line of scrimmage, don’t count her arm out as a possibility.”


Sharks allow Lynx to grab win!
Sep 30, 2014, 8:49 am

Week 12 of the Digicel Premier League continued in full force at the Ed Bush field in West Bay with six exciting games on Saturday.

The Domino’s Lynx played Lady Sharks intending to secure a win to keep them in the No. 1 seed in the women’s division. The last time these two teams faced off, Lynx won 8-0. Both teams came out hard and moved the ball well. Led by quarterback Keisha Solomon, arguably the most successful QB this year, the Lynx showed their ability to find the gaps on the field when available.


The Lady Sharks answered back their drives, as veteran QB Bobeth O’Garro showed her throwing and speed from early. Her quickness drew the respect of the defenders and constantly kept them on their toes. Trip plays are a feature of the Lady Sharks game and it was one of those that got them on the board. Disguising a double QB option, Scimone Campbell threw a touchdown pass caught by O’Garro.

With just under two minutes left, O’Garro threw a short pass that would cost them the game, as it was intercepted and ran back into for a touchdown by Lynx’s Chritsania Parker. Lynx got their extra point, which secured a 7-6 victory. These two teams have a high chance of meeting in the playoffs.


The DMS Hellcats faced off against this year’s new team, the Island Heritage Predators. Both teams were fighting hard to improve their playoff seeding. Currently, the Hellcats are ranked No. 2 and the Predators are ranked No. 4 in the men’s division.The young Predators were hungry to earn the respect from the Hellcats. Getting on the board quick, the Hellcats felt comfortable early on as the Predators seemed to have a few coverage issues on defense.

Chris Bennett, who is known for his vertical ability and great hands, gave the Hellcats problems. Predators quarterbacks Barrett Edri and Jordan Stubblefield swapped in and out and each tried to do their part. Despite conceding two touchdowns, the Predators fought back and scored two of their own, but were unable to convert their extra points and  Hellcats won 14-12. 

On Saturday, the Predators play last year’s champions, the Burger King Panthers, who are coming off a bye week and a loss to the Lone Star Mustangs from the previous week. Both teams are secured in the playoffs, but nonetheless, it should be a competitive game.


Despite no longer being undefeated, the Panthers are the No. 1 seed in the men’s division and they want to go into the playoffs holding that spot down.


In what might have been the most important game in the women’s division, the Crossfit 7 Mile Scorpions faced off against the Caledonian Killa B’zzz. The Scorpions were sixth seed in the women’s division and the Killa B’zzz seventh seeds.

Fighting hard to make the top six for the playoffs, the Killa B’zzz needed this win more than any other so far this season.  The Scorpions, who had a rough start to the season, have improved recently. Veteran QB Jessica Pawlik looks more settled in her spot and her receivers did a better job of catching more and dropping less balls.


With the hard rush of the Killa B’zzz, Pawlik constantly felt their pressure which kept her on her toes. Killa B’zzz’s Ellen Downey is one of the calmest QBs in the women’s league and did a great job of finding her players in open spots. However, after being plagued with dropped balls, the B’zzz struggled to move the ball at some key times.


Killa B’zzz got on the board first before Scorpions answered back and Pawlik connected with Cassandra Bodden to tie the game at halftime. The Scorpions scored another touchdown along with an extra point in the second half to win 13-6 and secure the No. 6 spot. Killa B’zzz face Anytime Fitness Wolverines at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday.


Androgroup Killa Panthers faced off against the Zulu Warriors. Led by veteran QB Dionne Whittaker, the Warriors struggled to move the ball early on, but executed on defense for most of the game. Back and forth both teams went during the first half. Killa Panthers QB Christina Hefner continued to find players in open spots on the field which eventually paid off for a touchdown and a 6-0 win.


The Lone Star Mustangs, who came off of their 7-0 victory over the Burger King Panthers, faced the KPMG Sharks during the second men’s slot. Faced with a few missing players, the Sharks took the field and some players trickled in during the game. The Mustangs didn’t take the game lightly but seemed to have a bit more fun playing and there was a bit less pressure involved. The Mustangs scored early and held off the Sharks despite Luigi Moxam’s best efforts as QB. Mustangs won easily 27-0. 


The Sharks are on a bye week this Saturday, while the Mustangs tackle Maples Dolphins.


The Cox Colts faced Maples Dolphins in the day’s final game. Richard Campbell, Colts QB, did a good job at moving the ball down the field, but the Dolphins didn’t allow him to do so easily. Campbell was reminded of the defensive force of Maples as the rush kept on him like glue. Despite having a rough season, the young Dolphins have came out and fought hard each weekend. LaRue Nixon continued to show off his vertical ability and great hands as he made some key catches for the Dolphins.


Fighting hard to try to be one of the four men’s teams in the playoffs, the Colts stayed focused and won 20-7.  This weekend the Colts face the Hellcats at the Ed Bush field.

Panthers succumb to Mustangs!
Sep 30, 2014, 8:42 am

Week 11 of the Digicel Premier League saw something different – the Burger King Panthers received their first loss of the season, against the Lone Star Mustangs.


The game’s start was in pouring rain at the Ed Bush stadium in West Bay. Visibility was low and balls were slippery as both teams started off running the ball considerably.  Thankfully, it cleared halfway through the first half. Starting someone different in the quarterback position, the Lone Star Mustangs handed Chris Spigner the game ball.


Known for his arm and speed, Spigner is noticeably seen in the receiver spot or on defense on safety. Although new to some fans, the Panthers were fully aware of his QB abilities and knew it wouldn’t be easy. The game went back and forth with each team moving the ball down the field but unable to score. 


The Panthers, however, had more options to score, but were unable to follow through. In addition, David Taylor, who is normally precise for the Panthers with completing field goals, missed two. The score remained 0-0 until very late on. Despite throwing two interceptions, both caught by Panthers’ Andrew Frederick, Spigner ran a ball into the end zone from a few yards away for the Mustangs.  

The Panthers had too little time to respond and it was a 7-0 Mustangs victory. The Panthers remain the No. 1 seed of the men’s division and they have a bye this week. 


The Mustangs however, face off against the KPMG Sharks.


Dolphins captain Shawn Pitterson has done an exceptional job in recruiting new faces to the league. Despite having a rough season, which is something new to them, the Maples Dolphins are held in high regard. The Dolphins started Chris Lebeau as QB instead of Demetri Chambers. 


Lebeau did a great job of finding his players in open slots, twice latching onto Fabio Gall who posted two receiving touchdowns. 

KPMG came back through veteran Luigi Moxam who completed 70 percent of his passes. Defensively, Reshaun Wright stood out for the Sharks, who is a senior player for the youth league who has ventured up the ranks this year.  Brad Connolly and Jeff White, two more vets, each recorded a number of solo tackles.  


The Dolphins’ Ceylron Powell managed to sack Moxam three times and create pressure on the Sharks. In a sizzling match, the Dolphins, who were also playing great defensively and having a number of players covering the field, fell to the Sharks in overtime 19-13.


During the first women’s games of the day, the Lady Sharks defeated Star Athletic 22-0. Plagued with a number of players missing due to returning to overseas for their studies, Star Athletic was severely depleted. 


The Lady Sharks got an early touchdown, caught by Serena Yates, but the score stayed the same for a while after that.The Star ladies applied pressure but the Lady Sharks added two more touchdowns for a comfortable win. 


The Zulu Warriors faced off against the Caledonian Killa B’zzz, who are fighting to secure a playoff spot. Battling back and forth, both teams moved the ball effectively, but were unable to score. Defense stood out for each team, as the score remained 0-0. Both QBs threw two interceptions a piece along with completing more than half of their passes.


Marleena Smith and Anna Nyaundi would be Ellen Downey’s favorite receivers as she tried to get B’zzz on the scoreboard. Defensively Kathy Miller stood out as she covered a lot of ground and recorded a number of tackles, all in all doing her part to keep the Warriors scoreless. In addition to the threat of Miller, three players sacked Dionne Whittaker, once a Warriors player.


Veteran Whittaker understood the need of remaining calm in a tense situation and did her best to play through the pressure. Overtime was needed and Whittaker found Renee Chisholm to secure a 6-0 victory. With no reason to hang their heads, the Killa B’zzz fought hard and left it all on the field.


The Killa-Panthers played Anytime Fitness Wolverines and the Scorpions faced off against the Domino’s Lynx, who are sitting in first place in the women’s division. Losing to the Lynx in their first match-ups, the Scorpions were determined to correct mistakes they made in the past.  

In addition, due to currently sitting in sixth place, the Scorpions knew a victory was needed for a spot in the playoffs. Quarterback Keisha Solomon led the Lynx pack for most of the game.  

Despite completing 60 percent of her passing, Solomon also threw three interceptions that helped the Scorpions obtain great field position in key times. Christsania McLean as Solomon’s main receiver as she recorded five receptions. Jessica Pawlik, QB for the Scorpions, felt the pressure of the Lynx’s rushers throughout the game as she was sacked three times. 


Lilia Connoly nabbed two of Pawlik’s balls out of the air for interceptions and added pressure on the Scorpions. Recording six receptions apiece, Cassandra Bodden and Kara Rankine stood out on offense for the Scorpions. Rankine put the Scorpions on the board as one of her receptions was also be a receiving touchdown.  Late in the game, Anya Edun was the Lynx QB but fumbled the ball in the end zone resulting in a safety and adding to the Scorpions points.  

Despite the loss, the Lynx remain No. 1 and this weekend face off against the Lady Sharks.


The Wolverines and the Killa-Panthers could be heard from any place on the field. Going into half time with a Killa-Panthers lead of 12-2, the Wolverines were determined not to give up. A sack that resulted in a safety by Agueda Blake was the Wolverines’ only score at half time, but in the end would be the difference in the game.  In the second half, the Wolverines scored three touchdowns, including two from Renee Thompson.


The Killa-Panthers added another touchdown to their count and Christina Hefner continued to find her players in open slots on the field. Wolverines won 20-18. This weekend the Killa Panthers face off against the Zulu Warriors.  


The Cox Colts played the Island Heritage Predators. Cox, who are fighting for a playoff spot, played hard.  

Plagued by a few players away, the Colts felt the difference in their lineup, but nonetheless effectively executed plays and applied pressure on defense. Jordan Stubblefield, QB for the Predators completed 13 out of 17 passes and showed off his quick release throw that has been a talking point all season. His favorite receiver was Will Peguero who had five receptions. Stubblefield felt the Colts pressure and was sacked once.  

QB for the Colts, Richard Campbell, found Raheem Robinson for their lone touchdown. Robinson who is known for his speed, jumping ability and great hands, was in brilliant form. The Predators however won 14-6.  

This weekend the Colts play the Maples Dolphins and the Predators face the DMS Hellcats, who won this fixture last time.  

The Warriors face off against the AndroGroup Killa-Panthers and the Killa B’zzz face off against the Crossfit 7 Mile Scorpions.

Vicious Hellcats corral Mustangs!
Sep 30, 2014, 8:40 am

Week 9 of the Digicel Premier League produced lots of excitement on the gridrion.


Named as the flag football game of the day, all eyes were on the match-up between the Lone Star Mustangs and the dms West Bay Hellcats at the Ed Bush field. When these two teams faced off earlier in the year, the game ended in a 6-0 Hellcats victory and many Mustangs wrote off the loss to early season jitters. History would repeat itself as dms won, 13-6.


Jon Pump of the Mustangs would do his part to get his team on the board, but the defense couldn’t hold off West Bay. Perry Levy was up to his old tricks for dms, adding interceptions to his count. This Saturday, the Mustangs are on a bye while the Hellcats face off against the KPMG Sharks, who are coming off a draw with the Cox Colts.


Fighting back and forth, quarterbacks Richard Campbell of the Colts and Luigi Moxam of the Sharks, had their share of struggles moving the ball. Defensively, both teams knew they had to step up as Brad Connolly led the Sharks while Kevin Solomon paced the Colts. In regulation, both teams would score to send the game into overtime. Neither side could convert on four scoring attempts, ending the contest in a 6-6 draw. Next up for Cox is a battle with the reigning champs, the Burger King Panthers.


Burger King are coming off a 41-0 thrashing of the Maples Dolphins. The Panthers remain undefeated so far with QB Chris Lucas in stellar form. The Dolphins struggled behind QB Demetri Chambers, who suffered from dropped passes. This Saturday, the Dolphins face newcomers, the Island Heritage Predators.


On the women’s side, the Lady Sharks would top the Caledonian Killa B’zzz, 7-0. Caledonian QB Ellen Downey seemed her normal composed self, whereas Lady Sharks QB Bobeth O’Garro felt the pressure more. The game would be a back and forth battle with receivers standing out on each side like Kathy Miller from the B’zzz and Courtisha Ebanks from the Lady Sharks. Marleena Smith, nominated for Digicel’s Fan Favourite Player of the Month for July, would cover her zone strongly and make an interception.


However, the Lady Sharks would answer with interceptions of their own from Ebanks. O’Garro would get the decisive score, finding Krystle Barrett in the endzone.


The Domino’s Lynx enoyed a comfortable 33-0 win over a Star Athletic Club missing players. From there, the Androgroup Killa Panthers clipped the CrossFit 7-Mile Scorpions, 8-6. Facing the reigning champions, the Scorpions knew the game would be tough and Androgroup got on the board early after a defensive mistake from CrossFit left Jen Cotarelo to have an easy run into the endzone. Playing catchup the whole game, the Scorpions would struggle from dropped passes and over-thrown balls.


The Killa Panthers would keep the pressure on as key rusher Glenita Logan racked up sacks. Late in the game, head coach Josh Pawlik and the Scorpions would get on the board courtesy of a touchdown from star receiver Cassandra Bodden. Androgroup will next play Caledonian.


Wrapping up women’s action, the Zulu Warriors defeated the Anytime Fitness Wolverines, 6-0, as both team showed their defensive strength. Eleanor Berry stood out on offense for the Warriors with key catches. Wolverines QB Jahzenia Thomas continued to show growth at the position. This week the Wolverines face off against the Lady Sharks, who are riding a 2-game winning streak. The Warriors now face the Lynx.


Week 10 of the Digicel Premier League continues this Saturday at the Ed Bush field with games starting at 11 a.m.


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