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Saturday April 21 2018 

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Panthers will battle Hellcats
Jul 24, 2015, 12:31 pm

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association’s Premier League week 4 wrapped up with the Burger King Panthers leading the men’s division and HSM leading the women’s.  So far, teams have been taking to the field and competing intensely until the final whistle.  

Each year the league has a number of new faces, some who are new to the island and others who are youth league players who have accepted the challenge of moving up.  

A number of those youngsters are doing exceptionally well. This past weekend, Michael Gocul battled against his Youth League coach Phil Brown of the DMS Hellcats and managed to help his team, the Maples Dolphins, gain positive yards.  

Despite the Dolphins’ loss, Gocul views each weekend as a time for him to learn more and improve his skills.  

Another new flag football face is Tyanna Jan, who plays for Maples Lynx. Jan, who predominantly played soccer, seems to be adjusting well to her new sport.  

“It’s great to see players from other sports transitioning over and adding to the talent pool of the sport,” said league president Maggie Ebanks.  

Jan was the deciding factor in her team’s win over the Star 92.7 Lady Sharks in Week 3 after she converted an extra point kick to give her team the 7-6 lead, and eventually the win.  

Week 5 promises another set of exciting games. The men’s division may see a shift in their first and second seed, as the Burger King Panthers and the DMS Hellcats face off. They are seeds 1 and 2, respectively.  

Ebanks said, “To see the result of this match-up and the other games, come out to the Ed Bush field on Saturday and catch Maples versus Maples Lynx at noon; DMS Hellcats against the Burger King Panthers at 1 p.m.; Killa B’zzz facing HSM at 2:15 p.m.; Anytime Fitness Wolverines against CrossFit 7Mile Scorpions at 3:15 p.m.; and the Maples Dolphins tackling the Island Heritage Predators at 4:15 p.m.” 



CIFFA Premier League - Week 2
Jul 11, 2015, 10:03 am

The 2015 CIFFA Flag football season kicked off games last weekend in spectacular fashion. With a new 8 on 8 playing format for the women that includes blocking for 5 yards on the line the intensity and dynamics of the game are set to be an exciting new chapter in the CIFFA evolution.

It could be said, that a rematch of the 2014 finals graced the field to start the day with Maples Lynx taking on HSM. Despite the rough start, HSM we determined come out with a win. Head Coach Brendon Malice scheme of shuffling QB’s between Dionne Whittaker and Lisa Malice seemed to keep the ladies of Lynx shuffled and confused, as both QB’s completed over 50% of their passes. Suffering from a low number of subs, the Lynx did a good job on competing as the sun blazed down. Kim Rivers, QB for the Lynx, completed 10 out of 21 passes as she spread the ball well between her receivers. Brittany Borden led the Lynx with tackles on defense and tried continuously to rally her team and keep the momentum going. However, the energy from HSM was too strong for the Lynx to fight of.  Jennifer Cotarelo, led HSM on both defense and offense, scored two touchdowns of her own. Adding an additional rushing TD from Dionne Whittaker, HSM would finish the game in a 19-0 victory.

Shawn Pitterson, head coach for the Maples Dolphins, has always been known for the number of new players he brings to the league. Facing off against the Burger King Panthers, Pitterson and his Maples Dolphins came out strong. Youth League player Michael Gocul, made his debut in the QB position and managed to complete passes to various receivers. “It’s always great to see players from the youth league coming up to the adult league. After all, they are the future of the sport, so it’s something we always want to see.”, says President Maggie Ebanks. Glenn Duran was in true form as he managed to find his receivers. Larue Nixon, led the Maples Dolphins in tackles and his presence was seen all over the field. The game would finish in a victory in favour of the Burger King Panthers, but also with a mark left by the Dolphins. In the ladies division, Shawn Pitterson has done the same. Entering a women’s team of all new players is something many would not do, but Pitterson took up the challenge. Maples were defeated this weekend by the ladies of the Killa B’zzz 26-6. “It’s a long season, and they are still learning. Im looking forward to see the progress that they show.”, says Pitterson. Despite loosing, Maples definitely stole the hearts of the crowd when Kayla Robinson scored a touchdown for her team showing that although new, they were capable of getting on the board. The defense of the B’zzz was definitely seen as numerous sacks and interceptions were recorded across the team. The victory for the Killa B’zzz allowed them to secure first place in the ladies division of the league.

The Star 92.7 Sharks versus the Anytime Fitness Wolverines was definitely the most exciting women’s game of day. Both teams came out and fought hard with the determination of securing a win after both receiving a loss during Week 1 games. Spreading the responsibility of QB, Head Coach Andrew Wisdom utilized both of his players Bobeth O’Garro and Anna Nyaundi. Meanwhile, for the Wolverines, it was veteran QB, Antoinette Lewis that took charge of her pack. Plagued by a number of dropped balls, Lewis kept her composure and continued to encourage her players. In addition to her presence on offense, Bobeth O’Garro led the Sharks on defense. Despite her or her teams presence, Antoinette Lewis would find Renee Thompson in the endzone to get the Wolverines on the board. Despite being able to reciprocate, the game would finish in 6-0 victory for the Wolverines.

Coming off of a bye during Week 1 games, the DMS Hellcats took on the Maples Knights. Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks, completed 10 out of 13 passes spread to various receivers on his team. This kept the Knights guessing where the ball was going and on their toes. Sonny Powell led the Knights defensively as him and other players tried endlessly to stop the progression of the Hellcats offense. Kevin Solomon, QB for the Knights, completed 6 out of 11 passes and threw 2 interceptions for the day, but was also plagued with a number of dropped balls and was unable to get his Knights on the board. Perry Levy would catch a pass in the endzone for the Hellcats and they would add two more from Phil Brown on defense and one from Jacob Ebanks on his own. Nick Bush was also there in true form as he completed all 3 of his extra point kicks.

Games this Saturday kick off at noon at the Ed Bush field and are as follows. Killa B’zzz vs CrossFit 7Mile Scorpions at 12pm; Burger King Panthers vs Maples Knights at 1pm; AnytimeFitness Wolverines vs Maples at 2:15pm; Star 92.7 Sharks vs Maples Lynx at 3:15pm; DMS Hellcats vs Island Heritage Predators at 4:15pm. Come out and support the teams and take in the action!

CIFFA Premier League - Week 1
Jul 8, 2015, 11:06 am

The 2015 CIFFA Flag football season kicked off on June 27th in spectacular fashion. With a new 8 on 8 playing format for the women that includes blocking for 5 yards on the line the intensity and dynamics of the game are set to be an exciting new chapter in the CIFFA evolution.

The first game of the day saw the Sharks take on the Killa B’zzz in a high energy contest of will. Killa B’zzz QB Ellen Downy was in fine form for her first game of the season completed 12 of 18 passes where she spread the ball evenly between five of her receivers with the only touchdown of the game to Kathy Miller who had five receptions on offence. Cynthia Powell was the leading defender for the B’zzz with five tackles for the day with Kathy Miller, Kim David & Natalie Williams rounding out the defense with two tackles each. Defensively the Sharks had an impressive game with 3 sacks on the Killa B’zzz and almost every player on the roster recording multiple tackles. The Sharks with Anna Nyaundi as QB with 7 of 15 on the day had an impressive drive in the closing minutes of the game to try and tie up the game but was not able to capitalize in the final drive of the game. Final score was 6-0 in favour of the Killa B’zzzz.

The first men game of the season saw the Dolphins take on the Knights in the match up of the Maples teams in a sea-saw battle. The new name Knights. Kevin Solomon stepped up as leader for the team on both sides of the ball. As QB he recorded 4-6 passing with a passing touchdown with one interception while and on the defensive side of the ball he recorded 2 tackels an interception and a TD. The Knights had a balance team defensively with 2 sacks and tackles lead by Chester Hurlstone, Kevin Rowe and Theo Edman. The Dolphins have a new crop of fresh faces to the league and some vets on the team. The match up saw David Taylor start out as QB for the Dolphins and a shaky start to his QB career. The games also show the return of Josh Merren to the offensive line and Maples staple Shawn Pitterson has taken on the role of full time coach. Taylor was 1-3 in passing and scrambled in the backfield for the first half of the game. Chris LeBeau stepped up as QB and saw the Dolphins team ignited with renewed vigor. LeBeau had 9-13 passing with 2 passing TD and 3 extra points, with an interception. LaReu Nixon had four receptions with 3 TD’s 2 receiving and one rushing. Taylor lead the defensively for the Dolphins with 7 tackles. The final score 22-12 in favour of the Dolphins.

Game 3 of the day saw last year women champions The Lynx take on the Scorpions. The game was extremely close in the match up and skill levels on both sides of the ball. Keisha Solomon at the helm for the Scorpions had 9 for 19 passing with two INT. Cassandra Bodden and Maggie Ebanks leaded the Scorpions with receptions of 5 and 4 respectively. Defensively Diandra Bodden had 8 tackles for the Scorpions and Yasmin James and Erica Bosch had 2 tackles and a sack each. The Lynx under the hand off Anya Edun had a 7 for 15 passing game with one INT. Her favorite targets for the day being Christina Parker and Lilia Connolly’s with 3 receptions. Jamesette Anglin & Loletta Hanna both had a sack. Lilia Connolly led the defense with 4 tackles and James Anglin. The game went to over time with both teams battling down to the wire however it ended in a 0-0 draw. 

The new look HSM took on the Wolverines in the next game of the day and was a game another close game where it came down to the wire. HSM under Lisa malice was 8 for 18 with 1 TD and 1 INT. Dionne Whittaker had the lone touchdown for the game while Jen Cotarelo was the offence favorite target for the day with 3 receptions. Cotarelo also lead the defense with 3 tackles and interception. Renee Chisholm also contributed with a INT for HSM. The Wolverines led by Antoinette Thompson who was 6 for 15 with one INT for the day could not seem to find the end zone. Defensively Tajae Grey and Alexandria Saintvil led the Wolverines with 5 tackles each with a cameo appearance by Treveen Stewart on special teams as kicker & punter and also on defense for the day. The game ended 6-0 in favour of HSM.

The final game for the evening was the match up of the new look Panthers vs The Predators. Glen Durant as QB’s was 7 for 13 on the day with 2 passing touchdowns both to Jon Pump who had 3 receptions on the day. Rashad Rankin also had a rushing TD for the day. Jon Carter led the Panthers defense with 3 tackles and sack and Matthew Bone with 4 tackles. Chip Whitney had a tackle and a sack and Brandon Malice with 2 tackles and an INT. Jordan Stubblefield led the Predators with 9 of 12 for the day with 1 TD & INT. Baron Solomon had the lone touchdown for the offence for the day. Jordan Cacho was the leading receiver with 4 for the day. The defense for the Predators was working to ensure a close game with Will Paguero leading with 4 tackles and Smarnell Thomas moving all over the backfield to disrupt plays with 3 tackles for the day.

Game for this weekend take place at the Ed Bush Field starting at 12 PM. HSM takes on The Maples Lynx. 1PM will see the Maples Dolphins vs Burger King Panthers. 2:15 Maples vs Killa B’zzz. 3:15 vs Anytime Fitness Wolverines will take on Lady Sharks and the final game 4:15 will see the DMS HellCats vs Maples Knights.

Burger King grills Kirk Freeport perfectly!
Mar 11, 2015, 10:55 am

In the B division of the Burger King Coed Flag Football league, one rivalry seems to stand above all in recent memory - Gary Rutty's Burger King and Jerry Beck led Kirk Freeport. To no one’s surprise, the rivalry kicked up a few notches in their latest meeting on Friday at the Ed Bush stadium when the outcome was decided on the final play. Historically, these two have always offered some of the more intense games the coed league has to offer, and this matchup was certainly no different. For Burger King, quarterback Rutty’s competitive spirit was on full display as he left his fingerprints all over the game in the 13-12 win. However, it was his defense, led by Ryan Smith, that had to dig deep in the final moments to hold off the jewelers. Kirk Freeport quarterback Badir Awe had a good outing overall, but it was clear that he would love to have the final play back as an opportunity for victory was there.


Second-round action saw Flag This and the Screaming Seagulls go back and forth in one of the season’s better games. Newbie quarterback Roy Forbes led the charge for Flag This with multiple touchdowns to receivers Oliver Parker and Anya Edun. Parker had the game-clinching touchdown, showing some nimble feet, and burst when eluding a number of potential tacklers for the score. Andrew Wisdom rounded out their scoring with an emphatic two-point conversion. The Seagulls had a number of opportunities to snatch the win, but they simply couldn’t finish drives. Kris Brand and Tricia Miller split quarterback duties to connect with Matthew Bone and Amaris Smith for their two touchdowns.


Later on, Burger Shack continued to cruise after handing the Cobras their third straight loss, 34-7. This game had a lot of pregame intrigue since both teams are well acquainted with each other. It managed to live up to its competitive billing in the first half with a 13-7 score, but Burger Shack ran away with it with four unanswered touchdowns. Barrett Edri led the charge, throwing four touchdown passes and running for another. Will Peguero and Perry Levy were the recipients of his touchdown passes. Cassandra Bodden rounded out the scoring with an interception that she returned for a touchdown. For the Cobras, Tito Solomon and Antoinette Lewis split the quarterback duties and both had quiet outings.


Cobras have dug themselves quite a hole and will probably need to win the remainder of their games to secure a playoff spot. Phil Brown caught their lone touchdown early in the first half. In the final round, Walkers stunned Pepsi 19-18. Tonia Ebanks was at the helm, filling in admirably for the injured Davanni James, throwing two touchdown passes. Nino Dilbert was their best player throughout with an offensive touchdown, the game-saving interception that he returned for a touchdown, and the game-winning two-point conversion. Dilbert was awarded player of the week honors for his efforts. For Pepsi, some would say that signs of a potential upset was brewing from week three when they also struggled against a perceived lesser opponent. It was their offense that let them down in week three; last week it was their defense. Statistically, Dionne Whittaker took the majority of snaps and hooked up with her favorite receiver Jordan Stubblefield a number of times for touchdowns.


In other news, team Maples have flown quietly under the radar with a 3-0 record. Their latest victory came against Logic, who they easily dismantled 26-6. Maples coach Shawn Pitterson would suggest that the selfless attitude of the team mixed with the extraordinary play of Rupert Whittaker has propelled them. Naysayers however would attribute their early success purely on the quality of opponents they’ve faced thus far. In any event, they stand alone atop the B division rankings and will have more than enough opportunities over the next few weeks to make believers out of everyone.


Other action saw replacement quarterback Tracey Seymour lead Cayman Auto over Jyoti Choi and Next Development 27-20. Brad Conolly and Overtime survived a potential scare after outlasting Cayman First Insurance 20-27, and Wakeboard Cayman led by Chris LeBeau triumphed over Cayman National Corporation 35-19.

Pepsi too frothy for Insurance!
Mar 5, 2015, 11:40 am

In the flag football coed league’s feature game of the week, Pepsi held off a surging Cayman First Insurance team to remain undefeated. 


It was a sloppy game at the Ed Bush field in West Bay last Friday by both squads. Pepsi had to rely on their experience and defense down the stretch to avoid an upset. Dionne Whittaker once again led the charge for Pepsi. She managed just one touchdown pass to Phillip Maret but got some help from her defense when Mike Garcon forced a game-breaking interception that he returned for a touchdown.  For newcomers Cayman First, much can be made of their competitive spirit led by Demetri Chambers and Shomari Solomon.  They do however need to work on their offensive approach to upset a division powerhouse and notch a playoff berth. Final score was 12-7 to Pepsi.


In the ensuing game, 9-1-Run! handed the Cobras their second loss of the season 20-13. Brendon Malice spearheaded the runners’ attack, connecting with Ed Pallot-Rosa and Maggie Ebanks for touchdowns a number of times for 9-1-Run! The Cobras made a late push, driving all the way inside 9-1-Run’s 10 yard line but the drive collapsed after a critical turnover by quarterback Tito Solomon. Cobras captain Phil Brown was seen parading the sidelines in frustration due to what he considered inconsistent officiating from start to finish. They will look to get back to form in week 4 against division frontrunner Burger Shack. 


Kirk Freeport’s up-and-coming star Will Edwards opened up a few eyes with his passing accuracy in a 32-18 victory over Cayman National Corporation. Edwards connected downfield with all his playmakers Andrew Edwards, Jerry Beck, Jon Pump and Christie Bullock for touchdowns, notching player of the week honors for his performance. For Cayman National, Lawrence Nelson was again at the helm and managed to put together three scoring drives.  Unfortunately, his defense simply gave up too many big plays to give him an opportunity to make a game of it. 


Later on, quarterback Adrean Russell bounced back from a poor showing the previous week to a career best performance when he threw five touchdowns to lead Papa John’s Pizza over Gangsta B’zzz 33-6. Keisha Solomon was his favorite receiver with a bunch of receptions and a number of touchdown catches to secure female player of the week honors. Mike Carey propelled their defensive unit with an interception that he returned for a touchdown.  For the B’zzz, it was a disappointing outing by the veteran squad led by Kathy Miller and Darrell Porter.  Erratic play at the quarterback position mixed with drops by their playmakers in drive sustaining situations, hampered their effectiveness from kickoff.  


In the night cap, Cayman Auto Diagnostics got their first win of the season after knocking off Logic, 13-6. Guided by veteran quarterback Robbie Cribb, Cayman Auto has not gelled offensively, unlike in past years.  Their struggles on that side of the ball continued but, fortunately, their play defensively came to life, holding Logic to one score.  For Logic, Kevin Morales kept trying to will his team to victory. However, teams are making a conscious effort to slow him down each passing week so he’ll need more support from the rest of his cast if they wish to get off the snide. Anna Nyaundi and Sasha Tatum connected for their lone score.  


To round up last week’s action, Overtime shellacked Next Development 33-6 behind the prowess of veterans Jeff Wight and Tonia Ebanks-McLaughlin; Wakeboard Cayman defeated Burger King 32-13 led by Chris LeBeau and Matt Rayner and Andrew Frederick broke loose for a couple of touchdowns to propel the Screaming Seagulls over Nate Narcisse’s Pizza Hut. 

Flag This sting Cobras late!!!
Feb 25, 2015, 8:33 am

The Burger King Co-ed Flag Football League had a grudge match from the outset between the Cobras and Flag This.


Early on at the Ed Bush stadium on Friday night, both teams were able to move the ball methodically down the field for touchdowns. But things changed in the second half as defense became the story. The Cobras had a chance with seconds remaining on the clock, but Oliver “Dark Star” Parker of Flag This forced a key turnover to seal the game 21-12. Cueme Parker threw two touchdown passes to Andrew Wisdom and Bobeth O’Garro intercepted a pass that was returned for a touchdown to round out the scoring for Flag This. For the Cobras, Antoinette Thompson-Lewis returned to action and threw two nice touchdown passes to David Taylor.


On the opposite field, another quality game was in full swing between Papa John’s and Pepsi. Quarterback Dionne Whittaker of Pepsi was in magnificent early season form as she connected with a plethora of receivers early and often. Gino Brown and Jordan Stubblefield were the recipients of her touchdown passes. In the case of Papa John’s, veteran quarterback Adrean Russell had a sub-par performance. He missed some throws that resulted in turnovers and his team simply couldn’t recover. Keisha Solomon, Mike Carey and David Hill each had touchdown receptions for the pizza specialists but that would not be enough as Pepsi won 26-18.


Wakeboard Cayman bounced back from last week’s deflating loss with a win over Walkers 21-14. Quarterback Chris LeBeau again took the snaps for the Wakeboarders and showed some resolve throwing three touchdowns. He connected with Matt Rayner twice and once with Jesse Walker. For Walkers, there appears to be a lack of chemistry. To add to their frustration, quarterback Davanni James suffered a season-ending injury which may cripple their post-season aspirations.


Later on, Burger Shack continued their winning ways after shutting out the Screaming Seagulls 27-0. Perry Levy set the tone early with a three touchdown performance on offense. Incumbent division MVP Chris Bennett also put on a show with a heavy pass rush that resulted in three sacks. For the Seagulls, Richard Campbell led the charge and simply couldn’t put together a drive that resulted in points. His receivers Andrew Frederick and Matthew Bone made some plays between the numbers but their possessions bogged down due to lack of consistency.


Finally, Cayman First Insurance burst on the scene with a convincing victory over Next Development 28-6. Cayman First quarterback Demetri Chambers started shakily but found his groove in the second half when he threw two touchdowns and ran for another. Larue Nixon was his favorite target, finishing with a couple of receptions and one TD. For Next Development, Ryan Ostendorf got them off to a fast start, snagging a defensive interception on the first play of the game. That set up their one and only score by John Ramsey. Next Development simply couldn’t put anything together thereafter, failing to convert on a number of manageable fourth down situations.


To round up the action, Kirk Freeport outlasted Logic 28-22 behind young William Edwards’s big day on offense, Shawn Pitterson and his Maples squad jumped to 2-0 for the season after a convincing victory over Burger King 31-18 and Cayman National Corporation surprised Gangsta B’zzz 13-6 behind the prowess of Lawrence Nelson.

B'zzz recover from Wakeboarders surge!
Feb 19, 2015, 7:40 pm

When the burgeoning Burger King Coed Flag Football League kicked off last Friday, the competitive energy of all teams was evident from the first whistle. All games were played under floodlights at the Ed Bush Field, West Bay.  


In the game of the night, Gangsta B’zzz rallied in the second half to overcome a 21-0 deficit and stun Wakeboard Cayman.  Turnovers were the game’s feature as Wakeboard Cayman’s captain Chris Lebeau threw four interceptions, all of which were returned for touchdowns.  Post-game reports suggest that Lebeau approved the participation of Theo Edman, a player who is not officially a member of B’zzz.  That decision would ultimately come back to haunt him, as it was Edman who snatched three of the game-changing interceptions that were returned for touchdowns. Franz Brathwaite snagged the other interception touchdown to round out the scoring for B’zzz. Before the collapse, Lebeau threw a couple of touchdowns to Ryan Mushin. 


In the opener, Brendon and Lisa Malice’s squad were back in action with a new team name 9-1-RUN! and some new teammates to bolster their roster.  They faced Peter Whittaker and Barron Solomon’s Pizza Hut team, who had made some strides toward the end of last season when they finished strong. Unfortunately, Whittaker was playing with an obvious limp, which reduced his side’s offensive capabilities. That, combined with the savvy defensive aptitude of the opposition, resulted in the team scoring only once.  For 9-1-RUN!, Ed Pellot-Rosa got deep early on and often, and Glenita Ebanks scored twice on offense showing off some surprisingly deft hands for a defensive player. 


The ensuing game saw the newly formed Next Development put on a show for bystanders with a convincing 27-13 win over Logic. Jyoti Choi led their charge, and it was obvious from the start what their approach offensively would be. This revolved around a short passing game up the middle of the field in an effort to draw in potential tacklers so that more space was created outside on the wings.  Essentially, the ball carrier would have an extra player run opposite to create an extra option.  

The main beneficiary of this system was Riley Mullen, who racked up a lot of yards on the ground and finished with two touchdowns.  He also showed some skill on defense, snatching two interceptions. For Logic, Kevin Morales was back at the helm and showed off his prowess. Unfortunately, defensively it was evident from the start that he is working with a young nucleus and it may take a few weeks to build some consistency.


Defending B Division champions Overtime Restaurant and Sports Bar picked up where they left off, cruising to a 31-6 victory over perennial contenders Cayman Auto Diagnostics.  Brad Conolly, Celester Anderson and reigning MVP RaShaun Wright were once again the driving forces of the team with multiple TD connections.  For Cayman Auto, veteran Robbie Cribb took the snaps and showed signs of the first game jitters. He missed a number of throws that resulted in a few costly turnovers.  The mistakes kept piling on and soon the game was out of reach. More contribution from his key playmakers Simon and Joel Rivers will be needed in the coming weeks until Cribb is fully back in the swing of things. 


In the final game, Burger Shack showed no signs of championship complacency, coming out focused and sharp as ever.  They shut out Flag This, spearheaded by Oliver Parker, who came in with some banter about being legitimate contenders.  While that may still be the case, it was clear throughout that some adjustments need to be made for such predictions to bear fruit.  For Burger Shack, Barrett Edri and Kevin Solomon split the quarterback duties and connected with Perry Levy and Will Peguero Jr. for touchdowns, a combined four times.  Cassandra Bodden was also a key contributor for Burger Shack, moving the chains on offense and playing stout defense. For Flag This, Cueme Parker took the majority of snaps, but he and his receivers simply could not get on the same page.  He struggled with his accuracy from early and was unable to get in any rhythm. Shack won 26-0. 


In other matches, Rubert Whittaker caught a bunch of touchdowns to propel Maples over Jon Pump’s Kirk Freeport team, and Walkers surprised Adrean Russell and Keisha Solomon’s Papa John’s squad behind a team effort led by Nino Whittaker, Devanni James and Amber Watson. 


Riley Mullen of Next Development and Glenita Ebanks of 9-1-RUN! were officially the men’s and women’s players of the week.

The Burger King Co-Ed League set to kickoff!!!
Feb 10, 2015, 9:41 am

Coed- Kickoff

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