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Monday September 25 2017 

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TITLE: Wolverines aiming for second championship
Sep 9, 2016, 9:56 am


The FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League completed Week 11 of games this past weekend. On Saturday September 3, 2016 Anytime Fitness Wolverines and Guinness Lady Sharks took to the field. Coming from a one week bye week Anytime Fitness Wolverines came to show why they are currently the reigning champions. The team did not have the better offensive and defensive game; however, like every game their perseverance allowed them to win the game. QB Antionette Thompson-Lewis found receivers Renee Thompson, Keisha Solomon and Petulia Hayles.  On defense Thompson-Lewis got a sack and Treveen Stewart and Renee Thompson both got an interception which Thompson ran in for a touchdown.  Lady Sharks QB Anna Nyaundi completed most of her passes by finding receivers like Scimone Chin, Simone Myles and Lilia Connolly. On defense Jordyn Williams, Tiffany Ebanks and Lilia Connolly got sacks. The game ended with a 6-0 score in favor of Wolverines.


The next game of the day was Burger King Panthers vs Island Heritage Predators. Panthers struggled on offense not being able to put a score on the board but they made up for it on defense. Brendon Malice, and Jeff Wight made multiple tackles and Ed Pellot-Rosa and Paul Chin received an interception.  IH Predators receivers Cueme Parker, Avery Ebanks and Oliver Parker were the main receivers. Cueme Parker received 2 touchdowns and Roy Forbes kicked for 2 extra points giving IH Predators the lead with 14 points.  On Defense Smarnell Thomas made game changing tackles. The game ended in a 14-0 score.




At 2:30 pm Maples Lynx went up against IMS Killa Bzz. Both teams had a strong defense as they both tried to stop the next team from scoring. Lynx QB Anya Edun found receivers Camille Solomon and Sophia Dilbert in the end zone for touchdowns and Vania Cornwell kicked for a field goal and an extra point. On defense Yasmin James and Sophia Dilbert received interceptions and multiple tackles. IMS Killa Bzz QB Ellen Rolle struggled to find receivers on offense but defensive players like Monique Roberts, latoya Cover and Beth Ebanks made multiple tackles. The score was 16-0 to Maples Lynx.


The other men’s game of the day was Maples vs Maples Knights. Maples QB role was shared between Jonathan Whittaker and David Taylor. Taylor found Larue Nixon on offense for a touchdown but the team was unable make a conversion. On defense Elroy Allen received multiple tackles. Maples Knights QB Richard Campbell was unable to complete some of his passes but he found receiver Jordan Cacho for a touchdown. Campbell kicked for an extra point conversion. Sonny Powell made tackles and Seware Kangulu got multiple sacks. The close game ended with a 6-7 score in favor of Maples Knights.



On Monday September 5, 2016 there was only one game at Annex play field. At 7:00pm Kensington Hellcats played PWC. Hellcats QB Jacob Ebanks found receivers like Perry Levy and Kevin Maxwell in the end zone for touchdowns. PWC as usual played determination but they failed to put a score on the board. Hellcats won the game with a score of 27-0.

Week 12 games of the 2016 FLOW Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League kick off on Saturday September 10, 2016 at the Ed Bush Play field at 1:30pm.


Flag football closes in on semifinals
Sep 2, 2016, 9:21 am



In Week 10 of the FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League, as teams aim for the semifinals, Guinness Lady Sharks and Maples Lynx kicked off the games on Aug. 27.


Lady Sharks had a better game offensively as QB Bobeth O’Garro found receivers Marleena Smith and Scimone Chin. Lady Sharks are currently in second place, and they fought to keep their ranking into the semifinals. However, Maples Lynx’s Racquel Brown had two interceptions and Sophia Dilbert made multiple tackles, demonstrating why they are also in the top rankings. Both teams struggled to get a touchdown, the game finally went into overtime, and Lynx QB Anya Edun ran in for the touchdown. Maples Lynx won, 6-0.

In the second game, top-ranked Island Heritage Predators played last-place PwC. Predators’ Jaryd Bodden and Harry Fenn received touchdown passes and Brett Eden made an interception. Predators won 28-0.

Next, lowest-ranked team IMS Killa Bzzz played highest-ranked HSM Vipers. In their best game of the season, Ellen Rolle of Killa Bzzz found receivers Monique Roberts and Jessica Jackson to advance the ball, and Roberts scored a touchdown. Heather Thompson also stood out for the Killa Bzzz, playing both offense and defense. After the Vipers got back into their rhythm, QB Lisa Malice found key receivers Shenel Gall and Dionne Whittaker to help score and to eventually tie the game. Alicia Dixon made multiple tackles and Renee Chisholm had an interception. The tied game went into overtime, and ended when Vipers’ Alicia Dixon made a touchdown. Vipers won 12-6.

Jonathon Whittaker was Maples QB.

Jonathon Whittaker was Maples QB.

The last game of the day was between Kensington Hellcats and Maples Knights. Hellcats, currently third-ranked, advanced the ball well on offense with running back Jason Wong and receiver Kevin Maxwell. QB Jacob Ebanks found Kevin Maxwell in the end zone for a touchdown and Nick Bush kicked the extra point. Nick Bush also stood out with multiple sacks. QB Richard Campbell advanced the ball well as he sought out receivers Seware Kangulu and Jordan Cacho, who scored a touchdown. On defense, Kevin Solomon made an interception. The Hellcats won 7-6.

On Aug. 29, second-ranked Burger King Panthers took on fourth-ranked Maples. BK Panthers showed why they are currently the reigning champions with players like Andre Morgan, Jamal Dell and Chip Whitney on defense making multiple sacks and tackles. QB Glen Duran ran in a touchdown and scored on a kick return. Andrew Frederick scored another touchdown and Jon Pump kicked for an extra point. Even without their starting quarterback, Maples forged ahead with Jonathon Whittaker as QB completing some passes, getting a touchdown and an extra point. Rupert Whittaker and Dexter Beckford made sacks and tackles. BK Panthers won 19-7.

Week 11 games kick off at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Ed Bush field.

Maples Knights hopeful of playoffs
Aug 25, 2016, 9:06 am

Following Week 9 of the FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League last weekend, team founder Kevin Solomon, who is also the coach and a player for Maples Knights, said the team has a chance of making the playoffs.


“We are not the biggest or the fastest, but when we are all pulling in the same direction, we are a force to be reckoned with,” Solomon said.


“Due to players being injured or absent, the team has been struggling but has fielded strong teams weekly and has remained competitive throughout,” he said.


He noted that veterans like Theo Edman and Seware Kangulu need to step up and assume more responsibility, and he praised newcomers Chris Bennett, Jordan Cacho, Joshua Whittaker and Tyler Lee for their contributions to the team so far.


The Games


On Aug. 22, Island Heritage Predators and Maples Knights took to the field at the Annex. The Knights struggled to score, but Kangulu and Renald Durand got multiple sacks. Predators quarterback Jordan Stubblefield completed most of his passes and threw his signature long passes to key receivers such as Avery Ebanks, Baron Solomon and Ernesto Ebanks for touchdowns. Cueme Parker received three interceptions and ran one in for a touchdown. The score: Knights 0, Predators 28.


Also on the night, Guinness Lady Sharks played HSM Vipers. Both teams held each other from scoring for the majority of the game. In the first half, Shenel Gall made a touchdown and Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice scored the extra point. The score: Vipers 7, Lady Sharks 0.


On Aug. 20 at Ed Bush Field, the Anytime Fitness Wolverines played the Guinness Lady Sharks. After struggling for a few games because of injuries or absent players, the Wolverines won. Players like Keisha Solomon, Martina Bodden and Arissa McField stood out on defense as they made multiple interceptions and sacks. QB Antoinette Lewis-Thompson found receivers Renee Thompson and Benecia Thompson for touchdowns and extra points. Without their starting QBs, Marleena Smith of Guinness Lady Sharks stepped up to the position for the first time and completed a few passes, including one for a touchdown to Tyanna Jan. The score: Sharks 6, Wolverines, 13.


The next game featured Kensington Hellcats against Maples. With both teams fighting for a spot in the playoffs, each brought their “A game.” However, Maples had a slightly better game. Setting the pace, the Hellcats’ Perry Levy scored the first touchdown but the team failed to complete multiple passes. Maples answered with a touchdown by Fabio Gall, which tied the game, forcing it into overtime. With first possession of the ball, Larue Nixon made a touchdown and scored the extra point. Renford Barnes of the Hellcats received the ball for a touchdown but the team failed to make the extra point conversion. Players like Davanni James, Demetri Chambers, David Taylor and Rupert Whittaker of Maples were standouts of the game after making multiple sacks and tackles. The score: Hellcats 12, Maples 13.


The day ended with Maples Lynx facing off against IMS Killa Bzzz. Denecia Cranston of Maples scored the game’s first touchdown, but players like Monique Roberts and Cynthia Powell of Killa Bzzz were not going to allow Lynx to have an easy game. Camille Solomon also ran in a touchdown for Lynx in the first half. In the second half, Latoya Cover of Killa Bzzz received the touchdown pass, but the team did not make a conversion. Players like Racquel James and Christsania Parker of Lynx and Beth Ebanks of Killa Bzzz also stood out after making multiple tackles. The score: Killa Bzzz 6, Maples Lynx, 13.


Week 10 games kick off at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Ed Bush field.

Hellcats are back!
Aug 19, 2016, 4:46 am

Cueme Parker's catch will be talked about for a while.


The FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League completed Week 8 of games this past weekend.

In the Monday Night Lights segment at the Annex on Monday August 15, 2016 the most anticipated game of the season between Kensington Hellcats vs Burger King Panthers started the night off.

Kensington Hellcats started the season slow only winning three games; however, they showed that they should not be counted out just yet. On defense, Hellcats received four interceptions by players like Ike Bush and Jamaal Anderson. QB Jacob Ebanks found receivers like Clay Coleman and Perry Levy for touchdowns.  Hellcats scored 20 points in the game.

On offense, QB Glenn Duran struggled to find receivers throughout the game only completing one touchdown to Nicholas Roberts and an extra point conversion to Ed Pellot Rosa. Duran also ran in the ball for a touchdown ending their game with a score of 13.  Kensington Hellcats took the win after the game ended in a 20-13 score.

Jamaal Anderson celebrates.

Jamaal Anderson celebrates.

The night ended with the female game Guinness Lady Sharks vs Maples Lynx. Defensively Lady Sharks had a better game than Lynx as players like Tyanna Jan and Lilia Connolly both got interceptions. On offense in the second half of the game Merlena Smith received a touchdown giving Lady Sharks the lead with a score of 6 points. On defense for Lynx, Christina Mclean got an interception but lynx QB Anya Edun failed to complete passes. The game ended in a 6-0 score in favor of Guinness Lady Sharks.

Teams and spectators arrived at Ed Bush playfield on August 13, 2016 to enjoy the games which started at 1:30 p.m.  The first game was between HSM Vipers vs. Anytime Fitness Wolverines. Both teams depended heavily on their defense as the quarterbacks for each team found it difficult to complete passes on offense.  Standout defensive plays were made by Schmarrah McCarthy with three sacks from HSM Vipers and an Interception from Martina Bodden of Anytime Fitness Wolverines. The game ended with a touchdown ran in by QB Dionne Whittaker of Vipers which ended the game with a score of 6-0 in favor of Vipers.

Christina McLean was a standout on defense for Lynx.

Christina McLean was a standout on defense for Lynx.

The second game of the day was between PWC and Maples Knights. The new team of the league is proving that they will not go down without a fight. This game was like no other even though they lost to Maples Knights 22-0.  PWC is currently on the bottom but they have proven game after game that they are determined to get a “W” on the board.

After losing to Guinness Lady Sharks two weeks prior, IMS Killa Bzz was determined not to make the same mistakes again.  Early in the game Guinness Lady Sharks scored a touchdown by Merleena Smith and Tyanna Jan caught the ball for a one-point conversion, which placed them ahead of the game.

Both teams played a very good defensive game as players from both teams tried to prevent the opposite team from scoring. Jordyn William of Lady Sharks got four sacks and Cynthia Powell and Latoya Cover of Killa Bzzz got one interception each on defense.  Offensively, QB Ellen Rolle of IMS Killa Bzzz progressed the ball well and even ran in a touchdown for the team which gave them a six-point score.  Guinness Lady Sharks came out victors of the game with the score of 7-6.

Nicholas Roberts

The day ended with Island Heritage Predators vs Maples.  From the very first play it was evident that IH Predators had one goal and that was to continue their winning streak and to stay on the top.  Offensively and defensively, IH Predators dominated the games with four sacks from their rushers Sean Davis, Micheal Swaby and Jordan Powery on defense. On offense, Baron Solomon received two touchdowns, Avery Ebanks also got two touchdowns and Cueme Parker with a catch that will be talked about for a while received one touchdown.  Maples struggled to defend Predators offense game but players like Jeffery Robinson and Simon Rivers stood out on defense for Maples as they received multiple tackles.  The game ended with a 34-0 score.

Week 9 games of the 2016 FLOW Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League kick off on Saturday August 20, 2016 at the Ed Bush Play field at 1:30 p.m.

HSM Vipers upset Maples Lynx
Aug 14, 2016, 6:12 pm


In Week 6 of the FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League, HSM Vipers shut out Maples Lynx in the first game of the day on July 30 at the Ed Bush field.

Defensively, the Lynx held off the Vipers for most of the game. However, offensively QB Anya Edun could not find receivers and was unable to put a score on the board. The Vipers’s Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice caught a touchdown and ran an interception for another touchdown, which ended the game 12-0.

The second game was between Burger King Panthers and Maples. The Panthers made a statement from the start and had a better game both offensively and defensively. The BK Panthers slammed Maples 26-0.

Also on the day, IMS Killa Bzzz played Anytime Fitness Wolverines. Killa Bzzz QB Kathy Miller found it difficult to find receivers because of the Wolverines’s tight defense. The Wolverines’s QB Antoinette Thompson-Lewis had the same problem finding receivers because of players like Shakira Davis and Kimberly David making defensive plays and bringing the pressure. David ran back an interception for a touchdown, which ended the game 6-0, giving IMS Killa Bzzz their first win of the season.

The day ended with Island Heritage Predators vs. PwC, and PwC did not go down without a fight. PwC scored a touchdown and a 2 point conversion. The Predators, led by back-up QB and coach Clayton Lopez, won 22-8, making them the top team at this time.


Monday Night Lights

During the Monday Night Lights segment at the Annex field, Maples Knights vs. Kensington Hellcats took to the field first. It was a very close game as both teams played a good offense and defense game. The game ended with a score of 8-6 in the Hellcats favor.

The night ended with Guinness Lady Sharks vs. IMS Killa Bzzz. Hoping for their second consecutive win, Killa Bzzz fell short as they struggled on offense and defense. The Lady Sharks won 19-0.



Kensington Hellcats beats Burger King Panthers
Jul 22, 2016, 9:12 am


The FLOW 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League completed its Week 4 games this past weekend. On Saturday July 16, at the Ed Bush playfield Kensington Hellcats was determined to take advantage of Burger King Panthers’ weakness as Panthers key players QB Glen Duran and Brendon Malice was not available to play.

Ed Pellot-Rosa Panther’s back up QB tried to his best to find receivers such as Jon Pump but failed to complete passes throughout the game; however, Pellot-Rosa was able to throw one touchdown but did not get the extra point conversion. Kensington Hellcats offense and defense played with determination to win and they did just that. Hellcats defense intercepted a few balls thrown by Ed Pellot-Rosa and rusher got sacks. QB  Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks utilized his main players such as Perry Levy and they managed to obtain two touchdowns and two conversions which ended the game with a score of 14-6 in favor of Hellcats.

Both Maples and Island Heritage Predators teams had one goal in mind which was to win. Maples wanted to keep the winning streak alive by winning four games in a row showing why they are currently in the lead. Island Heritage Predators was determined to break Maples winning streak which is what they accomplished. Maples known for their speed and height on offense tried to out run Predators defenders but they found it difficult against defenders such as rookie Trevor Coleman who made multiple defensive plays. On offense IH predators Avery Ebanks and Cueme Parker received one touchdown each but the team did not make the conversions. When Maples received the ball for offense QB Christopher LeBeau threw an interception caught by Avery Ebanks which he returned for a touchdown. The game ended with a score of 18-0 in IH Predators favor.

During the Monday Night Lights segment, spectators gathered at the Annex to watch Guinness Lady Sharks vs Anytime Fitness Wolverines and Maples Knights vs PWC games. Even though PWC is a new team to the league with many rookie players they have shown game after game that they are determined to make a name of themselves. PWC played a good game against Maples Knight and they managed to put scores on the board from receiving one interception returned for a touchdown on defense and on offense receiving a touchdown and two extra point conversions. Maples Knights played a very good offensive game as the game ended in a win for them with a score of 32-14.  The night ended with the women game Guinness Lady Sharks vs Anytime Fitness Wolverines. Both teams rotated the QB role between Bobeth O’garro and Anna Nyaundi of Guinness Lady Sharks and Keisha Solomon and Antoinette Thompson-Lewis of Anytime Fitness Wolverines. On offense both teams was finding it difficult to find receivers which resulted in either sacks or drop balls. The game went into overtime and ended with a 0-0 score.

In light of the funeral for Michael “Mikey” Gourzong on Saturday July 23 majority of the games was cancelled for Week 5 of the 2016 FLOW Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League except for Maples Lynx vs IMS Killa Bzz which will start at 4:30pm. Games will commence on Monday July 25 at the Annex playfield starting at 6pm.  

Anna Nyaundi of Guinness Lady Sharks   

Island Heritage Predators tame Kensington Hellcats
Jul 19, 2016, 10:04 am
Avery Ebanks is one of the Predators strongest defenders.

In Week 3 of the Flow 2016 Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League, the Island Heritage Predators and the Kensington Hellcats met at the Annex on July 11.

Predators QB Jordan Stubblefield completed the majority of his passes, though the Hellcats are known in the league for their defense. Kaleb Ebanks stood out as a receiver for the Predators, catching a number of long passes and scoring two of the team’s touchdowns.

Renford Barnes, Hellcats safety, was seen numerous times attempting to fire up his teammates.

Tito Solomon is a force for the Hellcats defense.
Tito Solomon is a force for the Hellcats defense.

Not only were the Predators effective offensively, however, they were also strong on defense. Baron Solomon led the way, kept the Predators motivated and made some interceptions. Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks, Hellcats QB, did his best to avoid the rush from Predators players including Michael Swaby. However, he was plagued by his receivers dropping a number of balls that would have changed the pace of the game.

Unfortunately, the Hellcats were hampered by the absence of Tito Solomon, who got hurt early and had to leave the game with the assistance of emergency medical services.

Ike Bush controls the tempo from the Hellcats defensive line.
Ike Bush controls the tempo from the Hellcats defensive line.

Organizers noted that it was great to see, during and after the game, the way the two teams came together in support of an injured player.

“We all take the field and play against each other, but in the end we are all the players of the same league,” Men’s League Vice President Shawn Pitterson noted as he praised the actions of both teams.

Last week’s scores for other teams were: HSM Vipers vs. IMS Killa Bzzz 7-6, Maples Lynx vs. Guinness Lady Sharks 0-7, Anytime Fitness Wolverines vs. Maples Lynx 7-12, Burger King Panthers vs. Maples Knights 16-16, and PwC vs. Maples 0-26.

Maples Win in Gourzong’s Memory
Jul 8, 2016, 12:06 pm

The 2016 FLOW Cayman Islands Flag Football Premier League season kicked off its 2nd week of games and this week was a very emotional week for the flag football community.  When players received news of the tragic death of a very valued player Michael Gourzong, “Mikey”, the community was at lost for words as it came as a shock to everyone. On Saturday July 2, most players at the field showed their respects and love for “Mikey” by wearing his number on their jerseys, or ribbons and bands with his name and number on it. 

In the 2.30pm game the Kensington Hellcats faced off against Gourzong’s team, Maples. Prior to the start of the game there was a moment of silence for “Mikey”. Head referee Jermaine Sharpe, reminded players and spectators at the field that “Mikey” played for both teams during his time in the league. He was a professional young man that everyone loved and enjoyed watching him play.  From the start of the game Maples played with the determination to beat the Hellcats.  Not just for themselves, but in memory of their fallen player. The Hellcats are known for their competitiveness, but seemed to struggle offensively. The game would end in a bittersweet win for Maples with a score of 6-3. 

During the first game slot on Saturday, the IMS Killa B’zzz faced off against the Guinness Lady Sharks at 1:30pm. Lady Sharks headed by QB Bobeth O’Garro appeared as the stronger force offensively and defensively; however the Killa B’zzz were determined to not give up easily. Defense Captain Amaris Smith, kept her squads energy up and held the Lady Sharks to only one touchdown ran in by O’Garro. Courtisha Ebanks would add to the score with a converted extra point. Offensively, the B’zzz was unable to convert, and the game ended with 7-0 score in Guinness Lady Sharks favor. 

The second women’s game of the day was between the HSM Vipers and the Anytime Fitness Wolverines. Both teams started the game well, with determination to come through with the W. The Wolverines would be the first on the board, as Antoinette Thompson-Lewis would find Cassandra Bodden in the end-zone. Failing to convert the extra point, the first half would finish 6-0 in the Wolverines’ favor. However, the Vipers wouldn’t remain scoreless for long, as running back Shenel Gall would use her quick maneuvers and elusiveness to avoid being tackled and score twice. Shavelle McFarlane and Schmarrah McCarthy would add to each touchdown with a converted extra point. Despite the Wolverines toggling the QB duties between Antoinette Thompson-Lewis and Keisha Solomon, they were unable to get on the board in the 2nd half to keep their team in the game. The game would finish with HSM victorious, as it ended with a score of 14-6.

The day ended with the Island Heritage Predators taking on the Maples Knights. Predators offensively struggled as receivers dropped a number of balls near the end zones. Both teams would go back and forth, and it was evident early, that the decision of the game could come down to one play.  Defensively each team seemed to do as much as needed to keep the other team from gaining advantage, as half time would come and go without anyone gaining any form of major offensive traction. The game would in fact be determined very late in the second half, as Josh Whittaker would recovery a deflected touchdown pass from his QB and score the touchdown that sealed the game for the Knights, as they went on to win 6-2.

In addition to games on Saturday, CIFFA has adopted Monday Night Games into the schedule for its entire season. On Monday July 4th, spectators and players gathered at the Annex field to watch the Burger King Panthers vs. PWC and Maples Lynx vs. HSM Vipers.  The game between Burger King Panthers vs. PWC ended in a forfeit, and attention was quickly drawn to the ladies.  With starter QB Anya Edun not in attendance Maples Lynx utilized Erica Bosch as a backup. Bosch, new to the position, played well, however, struggled at times to move the ball offensively. Nonetheless, their defense seemed to pick up the slack and play strong during game regulation.  The Lynx managed to hold the current #1 seeded team, the HSM Vipers, as players such as Ashley Frederick made key defensive plays. The Vipers would pull away eventually and post points on the board. Shenel Gall scored the first touchdown with Shavelle McFarlane converting the extra point. Tanjana Campbell would follow suit and add points from an interception which she returned for a touchdown.  The Lynx were unable to score and the game would end 13-0 to the Vipers. 

This coming week the games are as follows; Saturday July 8, BK Panthers vs. Maples Knights at 1.30pm, HSM Vipers vs. IMS Killa B’zzz at 2.30pm, PWC vs. Maples at 3.30pm and Maples Lynx vs. Guinness Lady Sharks at 4.30pm. On Monday July 11, the games are Anytime Fitness Wolverines vs. Maples Lynx at 7pm and Kensington Hellcats vs. Island Heritage Predators at 8pm.


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