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Saturday April 21 2018 

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Maples pack it up
Sep 27, 2012, 10:25 am

The Maples Packers have many positives to build on this offseason.

After a two-win campaign last year, Maples would fall four points short of advancing to the finals of the Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association.

Packers head coach/lineman Shawn Pitterson states he is proud of his squad.

“I was very confident in my team-mates,” Pitterson said. “I enjoyed the season. We were a team that went from a few wins last season to the playoffs.”

The Packers would lose their postseason contest against the Club House Bulldogs 9-6 last Saturday at Ed Bush Field in West Bay. Club House now challenge reigning six-time champions the dms West Bay Hellcats, who took down the Burger King Panthers 7-6. The finals are set for this Saturday, 29 September, at Ed Bush at 4pm.

Maples ended their regular season campaign in fourth place at 7-5. The 2012 season would prove intriguing as the Packers enjoyed a five-game winning streak, beating every team except Perry Levy’s Hellcats.

The final statistics showed Maples had no trouble getting on the scoreboard, ranking fourth in offence with 186 points scored. On the other hand, they had the third-worst defence, allowing 139 points.

The team thrived on a mix of veteran players and newcomers. Rookie of the Year candidate Barrett Edri guided the side at quarterback, with 15 passing and a league-best seven rushing touchdowns. Edri connected often with targets like Leslie Harvey (who had a team-high 19 receptions), Will Peguero Jr and Christopher Bennett (both had the most touchdowns with four apiece).

On defence, Harvey had a team-high three interceptions. Davanni James had a team-best three sacks with Edison Jackson being the leading tackler with 36 tackles.

Pitterson states, regardless of the stats, he was pleased with the effort on both sides of the ball.

“I really did appreciate all of the hard work and dedication from our players during practice and games. We have improved with experienced players like Leslie, Will, Edison, centre Andrew Graham and lineman George Bustillo.

“Then we also had our talented young players like Rupert Whittaker, Chris, Deandre Simpson, Barrett, Jordan Cacho, Davanni, Jeffrey Robinson and Mike Fischetti.

“Our defensive line was very quick and aggressive and we had a good offensive line.”

Colts fall short of expectations.
Sep 20, 2012, 9:13 am

The Cox Colts mistakenly thought they were Cayman’s second-best flag football team.

Instead of a repeat run to the finals, Cox would end up out of the playoffs in the Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association.

Colts quarterback Kevin Solomon states the side was hampered by a number of problems.

“From my point of view, it was a bit of a disappointment,” Solomon said. “There were a few ups and downs this season. But, on a whole, it was disappointing.

“For one, I think we started out with a different outlook and came in with the feeling that because we went to the finals last year that we would make it back to the finals and win it all with some minor changes. I think we got way ahead of ourselves and lacked the focus for the season, that was evident in the lack of intensity at practices.

“There was also a change in the team dynamics as we brought on board an offensive coordinator, Mike Bird, who was on the offensive line last year. He had some good ideas but they were difficult to implement due to poor practice and game turnout.

“I also prefer making calls in the game and calling my own plays, but we attempted to have him calling plays from the sideline. That move added some frustration for us both as we were rarely on the same page.

“As a team we also didn’t do a good enough job of recruiting. Traditionally, we’re a team of young professionals and for weeks, we had 12/13 guys each game due to people taking vacation during the summer months. Our team really lacked depth at many positions, most noticeably at wide receiver and it became more difficult each week with guys playing on both sides of the ball on offence and defence.

“It is very difficult to give 100 per cent playing both sides of the ball when there are few substitutes. The end result was we went from a team that played very smooth and efficiently to a team that struggled. It was a total shift from last year.”

The Colts lost their regular season finale to the Burger King Panthers last Saturday at the Ed Bush Field in West Bay. Cox head into the offseason with a 4-8 record, which landed them sixth out of seven teams. The stats show the squad struggled on both sides of the ball, scoring 126 points (third-worst in the league) and allowing 134 points (second-worst in the competition).

For Cox, that form represented a drastic departure from their performance in 2011. The Colts would finish second in their division in their inaugural season and go on to beat the Panthers and the Bulldogs, formerly sponsored by Doghouse and currently backed by Club House, before losing to the dms West Bay Hellcats in the finals.

Colts tight-end/linebacker Rhys Ebanks broke down how Cox progressed from that point to where they are now.

“The 2012 season for the Colts was filled with some ups and downs until about Week 10 when reality set in that our playoff hopes were over,” Ebanks said. “I personally feel the season started off well, seeing as how we were coming from the finals the year before and came so close to dethroning the reigning five-time champs.

“We tried to iron out some of the kinks that we felt hindered us from reaching our full potential. We didn’t do any real heavy recruiting because we still had the core guys and felt that we could overcome our ‘issues.’ After about week four/five, it was clearly evident that we were not the same team as last year but we felt that we still had enough room/time to get things right.

“Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and we’re left with a 4-7 record heading into the final week of games. For me personally, I’m very disappointed in the season as I went from becoming very involved in the offence last year, leading the team with 10 touchdowns, to tallying a total of zero this year.

“While I don’t think that I single-handedly would’ve made the difference in our season I was responsible for over 40 per cent of our points last year. So, as well as the team not performing, I’m also a bit bummed to have the season that I had.”

A change in personnel might have played a role in this year’s showing. Taj Haye and David Taylor left the Colts to join the Panthers and Cox employees Dale Stoudt and defensive coach Darell Johnson did not return to the team. Keeping the side together were head coach Rick Hurtt and lineman Dave Nielsen.

Stats-wise, the returning cast of veterans steadied the club. Solomon was the top hurler with 11 touchdowns and two rushing scores. Brad Conolly had a team-high 37 receptions and Chester Hurlston tied newcomer Richard Campbell for the most receiving touchdowns with three. Jonny McLaughlin had the most sacks with six while Conolly had a team-best 28 tackles.

Ebanks states those efforts did little to counteract the team’s problems.

“We didn’t have a real common direction or one common voice to follow. I think, from a vocal standpoint, we have about three guys that would stand up and say guys this is what we need to do. Unfortunately, no one person had the respect of the entire team.

“Everyone felt they knew what needed to be done to win, we would practice it the week before and come game time we would move away from what we were supposed to be doing. I think defensively we started out good for about the first half of the season, but I think failing to score as much as we felt we should on offence had a negative effect on the mind-set of the defence.

“There is no one person or issue to point at to lay blame on, it was more a collection of little things that would be taken out of proportion and become an unnecessary problem. Don’t get me wrong, we have all of the pieces to field a very dangerous team. Somehow those pieces just didn’t click on all cylinders at the same time.”

Panthers stalking initial title.
Sep 19, 2012, 6:52 pm

The Burger King Panthers have quietly produced one of their best flag football campaigns.

With the playoffs for the Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association, starting this Saturday, 22 September, the Panthers have dreams of a national championship.

Players like David ‘Swaggy’ Taylor state Burger King will show their prowess loud and clear at the Ed Bush Field in West Bay.

“We have a 100 per cent chance of winning,” Taylor said. “We are the best team and we’ve shown that to everyone. It doesn’t matter who we play, we can beat anyone that comes.

“The season has gone good, I think it could have gone a little better. Some of the games slipped out of our hands but it was a good experience.”

Burger King crushed the Cox Colts in their regular season finale last Saturday. The Panthers came out of that contest with the third seed and an 8-4 record.

Joining them in the postseason are the 9-3 Club House Bulldogs, 8-3 dms West Bay Hellcats and 7-5 Maples Packers. This Saturday’s games feature the top seeded Bulldogs facing fourth-ranked Maples at 1.30pm with Burger King and dms doing battle at 2.45pm.

While the Hellcats and Packers dominated headlines during the season, the Panthers quietly sported a winning record throughout. Both dms and Maples enjoyed five-game winning streaks this year and promptly went on to lose two straight matches. Burger King defeated both in consecutive weeks as they took down Maples 13-7 on 25 August and dms 9-6 on 1 September.

Brendon Malice is one of Burger King’s team captains and states his side relished having a low profile.

“Overall, we developed a new crew of players, we showed what we can do and we’re focused on the playoffs,” Malice said. “Picking up Chris Lucas at quarterback was huge for us. He felt out the team at first and then made adjustments on offence. We probably scored more points this year than in any year we’ve played.

“Getting Paul Chin back from injury was also good as he is one of the best defensive linemen in the league. We had real team chemistry, we really supported each other. I think in the past, guys fought for playing time. Everyone knows their roles now.”

The statistics show Burger King were a formidable squad all year. They were fourth in offence (scoring 145 points) and third in defence (allowing 98 points). Lucas threw for 12 touchdowns and had only five interceptions, the fewest by a starting quarterback this season with at least five starts.

Simon Rivers was second in the league in receiving with 32 catches and the competition’s best kicker, completing eight out of 14 kicks he attempted. On defence, Malice led the league in interceptions (six) and was fourth in tackles with 26. Chin and Jamuel Dell tied for third in sacks with five apiece.

Malice captained the defence along with lineman Jermaine Sharpe, who doubles as the association president. Lucas and Jonathan Carter were the offensive captains.

Malice states the team had extra motivation in producing those numbers.

“Joshua Pawlik, our head coach, was a great coach who inspired us. His dad was sick and recently passed away and Josh turned to this team and flag football for some comfort. That meant a lot for us.”

Serving Burger King well has been a nucleus of experienced players. Rivers, Malice and Chin are among the holdovers from last season. The Panthers also had new veteran recruits like Lucas, who played for the now-defunct Hammerheads Pirates last year and Taj Haye and Taylor, both coming over from the Colts.

Taylor, who made it to the finals last year with Cox, states Burger King are unique compared to other teams.

“This is my third team in the last five years. I played for Maples for two years, then Cox two years and now the Panthers this year. It’s just different, there 
are no egos.

“Everyone gels, there’s no arguing or fighting and no beef between players and 
the coach.”

By Matthew Yates

Bulldogs unleash their best form.
Sep 18, 2012, 12:57 pm

At the most crucial time of the year, the Club House Bulldogs are playing their best football.

Armed with the number one seed, the Bulldogs now take aim at the postseason of the Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association.

Defensive lineman Dillon Claassens states the squad is ready for more success.

“We’re feeling the most prepared for this stretch,” Claassens said. “We’re putting what happened this year behind us. Ending number one was a big psychological boost for the team. We looked very shaky a lot this season but we’re feeling rejuvenated heading into the playoffs.

“We’re going to do what we do every week and we have a game plan for every team. As a whole, our team is on a high and with confidence we’ll succeed.”

The Bulldogs locked up the regular season crown last Saturday by crushing the Maples Packers at Ed Bush Field in West Bay. The victory allowed Club House to end the campaign 9-3, ahead of the 8-3 dms West Bay Hellcats and 8-4 Burger King Panthers. The loss knocked Maples down to fourth place at 7-5.

Playoff matches take place this Saturday, 22 September, at Ed Bush. Club House face Maples at 1.30pm while the Hellcats tangle with Burger King at 2.45pm. The finals are slated for next Saturday, 29 September, at 4pm.

Team captain Todd Hazlewood states in spite of the recent victory, it is not a given Club House will crush Maples again.

“We play every team differently as everyone has different strengths,” Hazlewood said. “They know what we can do and we know what they can do. Our game plan is to try and win every game. Whoever it is, it doesn’t matter, we’re ready.”

Club House would split the regular season series with Maples after the Packers won 29-18 back in late July. Maples go into the playoffs ranked second in offence with 180 points scored while the Bulldogs had the league’s top defence with 57 points allowed.

The Bulldogs had an effective quarterback committee with snaps shared between Chris Spigner, Luigi Moxam and Dave Velez. Jon Pump was the team’s top receiver with 20 catches and six touchdowns. Hazlewood led the team with three interceptions and 16 tackles and defensive linemen Kevin Zimmer, Chip Whitney and Claassens combined for a league-best 20 sacks.

Maples featured rookie quarterback Barrett Edri who had 14 passing and a league-high seven rushing touchdowns. Leslie Harvey led the offence with 19 receptions while Christopher Bennett had a team-best four touchdowns. Harvey had a team-high three interceptions, Davanni James had the most sacks with three and Edison Jackson had the most tackles with 31.

Last Saturday’s victory makes the Bulldogs the sport’s hottest team. Club House has won a league-high six straight contests since losing to Maples, including a 6-0 victory over the Hellcats on 8 September.

Hazlewood states while the West Bay triumph and the winning streak are good, the focus rests on succeeding in the playoffs.

“To us, the West Bay game was just another game. We prepared for it, we executed and played our game. We didn’t allow them to make big plays to beat us. Like I told the guys then, there’s no trophy for beating West Bay now. Our work is still ahead of us, we got to win in the playoffs.”

Bulldogs shut out Hellcats!!!
Sep 12, 2012, 10:04 am

In the Digicel Premier Flag Football League, the Club House Bulldogs have quietly put together a remarkable season notching their league leading 9th win this past weekend in a 6-0 shutout over rival DMS Hellcats. Whether under the QB reigns of the versatile Dave “Spanish” Valez, the steady Chris Spigner or the opportunistic Luigi Moxam, the Bulldogs have found ways to win ball games. Luigi got the nod for this game and had a relatively modest performance with 1 TD and 1 INT. He did, however, make the game breaking play of the game when he hooked up with "Spanish" for a 40 yard TD late in the first half. That would prove to be enough as the Bulldogs defense put together their best effort of the season. Led by veteran Todd Hazlewood, they seemed to be a few steps ahead of the Hellcats offense and as a result completely shut down every facet of their attack. The play of their defensive front that includes Chipper Whitney, Kevin Zimmer and Dillion Claassens set the tone early and often with a number of QB hurries and sacks. A win this week against the Maples Packers would secure the top spot for the playoffs. 

For the Hellcats, it was another disappointing effort for an offense that was clicking on all cylinders early in the season. Not great news for a team heading into their bye with a playoff game the week after. QB Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks led the charge once again and had his worst performance of the season. He was influenced by the Bulldogs pass rush throughout which affected his decision making and overall effectiveness. Defensively, the unit systematized by Phil Brown had a good day outside the one lapse that resulted in the game’s lone score. Brown flew around the field with 6 tackles, Damian Barboram had 3 sacks and Perry “BoyWonder” Levy chipped in with an INT. Many would say it’s too early for the veteran bunch to push the panic button but if they don’t find their niche quickly and play with a sense of urgency, they won’t be competing for their 4th consecutive championship. 

In the second and most entertaining game of the day, the Maples Packers knocked off the Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes 21-14. Barrett Edri continued his stellar play from the week before orchestrating three scoring drives. He featured his top playmaker Lesley Harvey, who didn’t disappoint with a number of spectacular catches, one resulting in a TD. Rupert Whittaker chipped in with the other TD reception and Barrett took matters into his own hands rushing for their 3rd TD. Defensively, the group struggled in the first half as the Hurricanes were able to move the ball up and down the field effectively. After a few half time adjustments, the group got on the same page and buttoned down, stalling a number of Hurricanes' drives. Having now clinched a playoff spot, the Packers look to improve their seeding with a win over the Bulldogs in the featured matchup of the week. 

For the Hurricanes, it was another commendable performance by the talent latent group. The improved play of Glenn Duran Jr has been the engine to their new found success. He ran in the game's first TD and connected with Paul McField Jr on a later drive to round out their scoring. Since the mid-way point, their offensive philosophy has shrunk to purely highlight Glenn's strengths, being his ability to run and hit his tight ends down the seam. This approach has given them a sense of identity that essentially controls the tempo of a game when executed as planned. Veteran Barron Solomon has benefited the most from their improved play as a unit. He has become the team's go-to-receiver with his ability to consistently catch anything that touches his hands. Unfortunately, their defense let them down throughout as they couldn’t slow the Packers balanced attack. They look to wrap up their season on a positive note against the lowly Renegades. 

In other action, the Burger King Panthers clinched a playoff berth when they cruised by the PWC Renegades 34-6. Taj Haye propelled the Panthers to the victory with a career high 6 receptions and 3 TDs. QB Chris Lucas led the charge and was impressive with his decision making and efficiency throughout. He seems to now fully understand the concepts of their offense and is clearly playing his best football of the season. His stat line was an amazing 19 of 22 passing, 4 TDs with 1 rushing TD. David "Swaggy" Taylor, who's notorious for showcasing his "Duggy" dance on the night scene, was the recipient of the other TD and Simon Rivers rounded out the scoring with 2 XTRA points. Defensively, the Chin brothers Tony and Paul picked up where they left off last week with constant pressure leading to a number of sacks, INTs and tackles for lost. 

For PWC, there were some positives that could be taken away from the game but once again the result was discouraging. Offensively, turnovers have been to their detriment all season and this week was no different. Brandon Urehandled the QB duties in place of Chris Lebeau and had rough outing. He did manage to put together one solid drive that resulted in a TD. Defensively, the group struggled throughout as they were unable to get off the field. This week will be their final opportunity to snatch a win when they face off against the Hurricanes.

Congrats to Taj and Damien who earned offensive and defensive player of the week honours.

Panthers and Packers on the cusp!!!
Sep 6, 2012, 10:51 am

Week 12 of the Digicel Flag Football Premier League saw the Burger King Panthers and Maples Packers each come within 1 win of clinching a spot in the highly sought post-season. Both teams have put together solid campaigns and are very deserving of the opportunity to compete for the coveted championship. 

For Burger King, they showed some resolve in a hard fought upset over league powerhouse DMS Hellcats 9-6. Featuring a ball-controlled balance attacked on offense, an aggressive pressuring defence and some opportunistic special team’s play, the Panthers dictated the flow of the game. On their opening drive, Panthers QB Chris Lucas was judicious with his approach taking what the Hellcats defence gave him, which ultimately led to a score. He made good savvy football decisions on when to pass and when to use his athleticism, tuck it and run for positive gains. Team captain Brendon Malice was his favourite target on the day with 3 receptions and 1 TD. Defensively, Jon Carter and the entire defensive front was disruptive sacking Hellcats Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks a season high 5 times. Jon led the way with 4 tackles and 2 sacks. 

For the Hellcats, it’s been a bit of a shaky stretch the last few weeks as they’ve been pushed more than they have all season. Frecko and the Hellcats top offense has been slowed as teams have made a conscious effort to slow down their running attack forcing them to become one dimensional. This has led to a number of game-changing turnovers in crucial moments that were not occurring in the early part of the season. The Hellcats would still make a game of it late in the first half when Frecko connected with Perry “BoyWonder” Levy bringing the game to a deadlock. The second half was relatively quiet from an offensive standpoint as neither team were able to score. In overtime, the Hellcats failed to convert on their possession and the Panthers took full advantage of the moment. Simon Rivers kicked in the game winning field goal to shock the Hellcats and ignite his team and bystanders in celebration. 

In the first game of the day, the Maples Packers thumped the PWC Renegades 33-0 bringing their two game snide to a halt. Barrett Edri brushed off his shaky play the last few weeks where he was particularly turnover prone to put together an excellent performance. On the day, he went 11 of 20 passing with 4 touchdown passes and no interceptions. Leslie Harvey, Rupert Whittaker, Chris Bennett and Terry Ballard each caught one TD. Ballard rounded out the scoring kicking in 3 of 4 XTRA points. For their defense, newbie Davanni James had a monster day filling out the stat sheet with 3 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 INT in which he returned for a TD. Edison Jackson chipped in with 5 tackles and Elroy Allen added 3 tackles and a sack. 

For PWC, the result was the same old story. They were ineffective in maintaining possession of the ball and this kept their defence on the field far too long. Chris LeBeau was once again at the helm and completed 7 of 26 passes. Unfortunately the offense could not mount any serious drives. Playmaker Deepal Patel had a good game catching 3 passes and helping out on defence with 2 tackles. Brandon Ure and Jeff Stower also played well accounting for 2 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 tackles and 1 INT respectively. PWC look to end their winless season when they face off against Burger King this week. 

In the final game of the day, the Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes knocked off the Cox Colts 13-2 keeping their playoff potential alive for at least another week. QB Glenn Duran Jr led the charge for the Hurricanes offense and put together a solid outing. He went 3 -8 with 1 INT and 2 rushing TDs. As always, he did most of his damage with his legs running for chunks of positive yards. Defensively, Neville Morgan was his normal disruptive self, shredding blockers on his way to 4 tackles and Ransfor Welcome took advantage of some errant throws that resulted in easy interceptions. When purely focused on the game itself, the Hurricanes have played some tough hard nose football that can pose problems for any opponent. Whether they make the playoffs or not, if they can finish out the season strong without incident, it would rehabilitate their image and garner some respect. 

For Cox, it has been a disappointing year for the veteran bunch that had championship aspirations coming into the season. It's fairly obvious that some roster moves will have to be made in order for this team to get back in playoff contention. QB Kevin Solomon is apparently mulling retirement as well as the notorious trash talking Rhys "RCapone" Ebanks. Both guys have been staple faces of flag football in Cayman whether on the field or through the executive committee focusing on the growth and development of the sport. If this truly is the last time they’re caught roaming the field during summer, it wouldn’t be without notice. Both have had solid careers and at their pinnacle were center pieces on a number of championship teams. In game action, Richard Campbell took over QB duties for Solomon and was virtually ineffective. He was 6 – 16 with 3 INTs which contributed to his team's lackluster performance on offense. Defensively, Jonny Mclaughlin was a force accumulating 2 tackles, 2 sacks of which 1 resulted in a safety and Jeff Wight chipped in with an INT. The Colts have a bye this week and look to finish out their season on a high note next week against the Panthers. 

Congrats to Barrett and Davanni of Maples who earned offensive and defensive player of the week honors.

Panthers ravage veteran HellCats
Sep 6, 2012, 10:48 am

The Burger King Panthers are now a legitimate threat in flag football.

Burger King made their biggest statement of the season with a 9-6 victory over the dms West Bay Hellcats last Saturday at the Ed Bush field in West Bay. The Panthers have improved to 6-4 while the defending six-time champions are 9-2 in the Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association.

Jermaine Sharpe doubles as association president and a Panthers defensive end. He states Burger King are now title contenders.

“I’ve been with the team since inception and I don’t plan on going anywhere,” Sharpe said. “We have a good, excellent chance of making it to the finals. The fact is teams come to watch our games and scout us. That’s our confidence boost right there.”

While the Hellcats and Maples Packers have dominated headlines, Burger King have quietly sported a winning record throughout. Both dms and Maples enjoyed five-game winning streaks this year and promptly went on to lose two straight matches. Burger King defeated both in consecutive weeks as they took down Maples 13-7 on 25 August.

Against the Hellcats, Burger King were guided by two-way stars Jonathan Carter (two sacks) and Brendon Malice (a touchdown). Chris Lucas kept his cool in the pocket for the Panthers while Jacob ‘Frecko’ Ebanks had an off game for dms.

The Hellcats, Panthers and Packers all look on target to make the postseason. The Hellcats head into the weekend in first place, a game ahead of the 7-3 Club House Bulldogs. Maples are third at 6-4 while Burger King are fourth with an identical record.

Sharpe states any inconsistent play with his team early on was due to mental mistakes.

“It happens with every team, it’s just confidence gets in the way. A classic example was our first game against Maples (a 20-7 thrashing on 7 July). We had to make crucial plays at crucial times and we had to stop under-estimating people.”

Maples regained their playoff footing with a 33-0 annihilation of the 0-10 PWC Renegades. Barrett Edri steadied the offence from the pocket, connecting with the likes of Leslie Harvey, Christopher Bennett and Jahmas Dunbar. PWC had few positives other than the play of Deepal Patel.

The Packers, like the other frontrunners, will be in action this Saturday, 8 September, at Ed Bush. Club House and dms square off for first place at 1.30pm, Maples tackle the 4-6 Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes at 2.45pm and the Renegades face Burger King at 4pm.

The Bulldogs, featuring wide receiver Zak Kepner, are coming off a bye while the Hurricanes jumped into fifth place with a 13-2 victory over the 4-7 Cox Colts.

To no surprise, Glenn Duran Jr carried the Hurricanes offence with two rushing touchdowns. For the Colts, Richard Campbell was horrible in the pocket with three interceptions.

Cox are in the midst of a sophomore slump. After making it to last year’s finals in their rookie season, the Colts sit in sixth place with only one win in their last six games.

Colts star and association vice president Brad Conolly states his squad has struggled for a number of reasons.

“The problem with the Colts is we came in with the mind-set that we’re definitely the second best team in the league,” Conolly said. “We came in expecting to do the same thing as last year. We didn’t recruit players and we didn’t lose anyone.

“We started to struggle with people leaving on vacation. With everyone supposed to be back, you should have seen a different team. We didn’t do anything to improve.”

Hellcats separate from Pack!!!!
Aug 22, 2012, 9:29 am

The highly anticipated rematch of the DMS Hellcats and Maples Packers had finally arrived. Both teams bolstered impressive records and both were coming in on season best winning streaks. Star power was at the forefront of this matchup with heralded quarterbacks Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks (Hellcats), Edri “Cool Breeze” Barrett (Packers) and perennial playmakers Perry “BoyWonder” Levy (Hellcats) and Leslie Harvey (Packers) suited up. Fans flocked the stadium in curiosity as there were a lot of things riding on this game in addition to league supremacy.

The Packers won the coin toss and opted to defer their selection to the Hellcats for the benefit of choice in the second half. The Hellcats took the ball and following a nice return by their special teams unit, started in good field position at their 35 yard line. Like they have all season, their offense came out featuring the run with Oliver “DarkStar” Parker. Their attack was shut down early though as the Packers defensive front and line-backing crew led by Will Pequero Jr controlled the line of scrimmage forcing a number of minimal gains. The Hellcats quickly adjusted, abandoned the run and went to the air with a heavy dose of Frecko to BoyWonder. During the drive, they connected several times leading to the game’s only score off an option read quick slant up the heart of the Packers defense. Nick Bush rounded out the scoring for the Hellcats kicking in the XTRA point.

For the Packers, QB Barrett was under duress most of the game and had a less than stellar outing. He only completed 6-18 passes, 0 TDs with 2 INTs. Normally a cool customer under pressure, he seemed a bit flustered and indecisive with a number of late throws across the middle leading to INTs by the Hellcats Phil Brown and Tito Solomon. In the initial matchup, many felt that the Packers offensive front led by Andrew Graham dominated the trenches by negating the Hellcats defensive line but the story was much different this time around. The Hellcats defensive front was disruptive all game collapsing the pocket on a number of occasions.   Damien "Beast" Barboram put together his best performance of the season for the Hellcats notching 5 tackles and 3 sacks. In the dying moments, Barrett made what would appear to be his best throw of the game to potentially place the Packers in scoring position but the intended receiver dropped the ball sealing the outcome 7-0 in favor of the Hellcats. Defensively, Deandre Simpson had a solid outing with 5 tackles for the Packers. They look to bounce back this week against Burger King whilst the Hellcats look for redemption against Cayman Power Sports & Marine.

In the second game of the day, the Cox Colts quickly brushed off a shaky start defensively to dominate the PWC Renegades 27-6. Coming off an inspiring performance the week before, Veteran QB Kevin Solomon continued his solid play completing an efficient 14 –17 passes, 2 resulting in TDs. His favorite targets for the day were Brad “Habachi” Conolly with 6 receptions, Andrew Frederick and Jeff Wight with 2 receptions and a TD each. Conolly also broke a 55 TD yard run behind his left tackle Koro Vaka'uta avoiding a number of potential tacklers at the second and third level of the Renegades defense. With the game in the bag, third-string QB Richard Campbell took over duties from Solomon and completed 2-3 passes, 1 resulting in a TD to Conolly. He also kicked in three XTRA points showing off his versatility. Defensively, Marvin Gordon was a major factor with an INT, 2 sacks and 2 tackles. Thomas Mcfield, Campbell and Wight also played the passing lanes well with an INT a piece.

For PWC, Chris LeBeau led the charge once again and had a rough outing especially in the turnover department. Offensively their best combination for success all season has been Lebeau to Justin Miller and this game was no different. LeBeau and Miller hooked up early for the game's first score off a nice throw and catch up the seam of the Colts defense. That would be their only score of the game though as the Colts defense buttoned down and forced a number of INTs. The Renegades have been looking for a second receiver to make plays for their offense but no one has consistently stepped up. After early flashes of brilliance, Deepal Patel has been missing in action and held in check production wise, when available. They need him to raise his level of play on the outside to support their intermediate attack. Defensively, James “Cadillac” Collins showed some heart forcing a couple tackles and a sack.

In the final game of the day, the Club House Bulldogs jumped out to an early lead and never looked back knocking off the Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes 19-6. The celebrated return and play of Luigi "ONE345" Moxam was the story of the game. He put on a vintage performance displaying his lethal ability to vertically take the top off a defense with a 50+ yard bomb to Matthew Bone right out of the gate. He hooked up with Bone again on a slant route for the game's second score and later with Zak Kepner for his final TD pass of the game. He finished up 11-18 passing with a season high 3 TDs. Defensively, Chip Whitney, Kevin Zimmer and Dillon Claassens were like freight trains throughout forcing 4 sacks and a number of tackles for loss. Joe Pirone and Kepner each added an INT.

For the Hurricanes, it was another head scratching week after showing promise the week before. Defensively, their secondary was caught out of position too often leading to relatively easy scores for the Bulldogs. The lone bright spot of their secondary was once again Davelee "Bull" Cole whose range and athletic ability was on full display. He consistently knocks down balls in coverage on a weekly basis and always seems to have the knack for being in position to create turnovers. Unfortunately too many times this season he has dropped potential game changing INTs that would put his offense in favored scoring position.   For an offense averaging just 8pts a game, such turnovers would have an immense impact on their psyche. It would also take some pressure off their struggling QB Glenn Duran Jr. to not have to move the ball from deep in their own territory every possession. Glenn had another shaky week trying to dig his team out of an early deficit and as a result forced too many bad throws that led to turnovers. He finished up the game going 7-15, 1 TD with 2 INTs. Former all-star Sean Moyle made a cameo appearance to catch the lone TD for the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes look to bounce back this week against the Hellcats and prove their initial upset in week 4 wasn't a fluke.

Congrats to Luigi and Damien who earned offensive and defensive player of the week honors. 

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