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Monday September 25 2017 

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Lynx blowout the Lady Saints!!!!
Jun 21, 2013, 10:56 am

Women’s flag football games continued at the Ed Bush stadium in West Bay on Saturday and one of the best action came in the  first game between Scorpions and Zulu’s Warriors.

It was an intense game that  went into overtime with the teams tied. Zulu’s managed to missed the extra point which led Scorpions to their third win of the season 13-12.

Scorpions are now going into the season as 3-0. QB touchdowns were scored by Monque Roberts and Cassandra Bodden. Jessica Pawlik had a great game for Scorpions.

The Lynx blew out the Lady Saints 43-0. The rookie team did not seem to have moved the ball, which gave Lynx an advantage throughout. Kim Rivers, QB for the Lynx made some great passes. Touchdowns and extra points were made by Jenn Cartorelo, Shenel Gall, Christania Parker, Saneta Smith and Jessica Ebanks. The Lynx are now 1 of 3 for the season.

Andro Killa Panthers stepped on the Maples as they played an entertaining game winning 22-0. QB Christina Hefner made some great passes for the Killa Panthers. Touchdowns were made by Shamar Moore, who also scored the extra point. The Andro Killa Pnathers did not give Maples anything.

Star Athletics squeezed through with a 2-0 win over the Lady Sharks. The ball was hiked and dropped in the end zone by the Lady Sharks which cost them the game.

The Ultra B’zzz lost their first game this season to last year’s champs, Wolverines, 12-0. Both teams played a great defence but that did not stop Caribbeans Top Model Treveen Stewart from scoring, as she ran a ball back from the punt return which paved the way for Wolverines to win the game. Marlena Smith on the Ultra B’zz played well as the ball was in her possession most of the game but unfortunately things did not go well for Ultra B’zzz.

Maples Dolphins beat Hurricanes 7-6 in an extremely tight game. Maples Dolphins managed to get an extra point and claim the win which was disappointing for the Hurricanes as they played a solid defensive game.

The DMS West Bay HellCats dynasty have stepped up their game in the past two weeks. They did not give the WestStar Saints any mercy, winning 41-0. Nathan Narcisse intercepted three balls, two counting as pick sixes. He played a superb defensive game. Phil “Pacman” Brown, who has taken over Oliver “DarkStar” Parker’s position is showing that he is more than capable as a running back, as he also added two touchdowns to the blowout against the Saints. The Saints struggled in this game QB was under a lot of pressure from Hellcats.

The Cox Colts seemed to have not got it together another week, as the LoneStar Mustangs ran over them in the third game of the season 33-0. LoneStar Mustangs with veteran players Josh Parson, Jon “Pumphaus” Pump and Luigi Moxam paved the way as they dominated throughout.

The BK Panthers ate the KMPG Sharks raw 30-0. This was an interesting game to watch. Quarterback Chris Lucas made some great passes. David “Swaggy” Taylor was in good form. Veterans Brendan Malice, Taj Haye, Andrew Frederick and Jonathon Carter all contributed in an outstanding defensive display.

The fourth week of the Digicel Flag Football Premier League continues this Saturday at the Ed Bush Field. Games start with KPMG-WestStar Saints, BK Panthers v CPSM Hurricanes, Maples ThunderCats v Star Athletics, Andro Killa Panthers v Wolverines, Lady Sharks v Lynx, Maples Dolphins v Cox Colts, Crossfit 7 Mile v Lady Saints, LoneStar Mustangs v HellCats and Zulu’s Warriors v Ultra B’zzz.

Hellcats too slippery for Colts!!!
Jun 14, 2013, 10:52 am

There was more thrilling action in flag football in West Bay on Saturday.

DMS Hellcats were in the first game of the day at Ed Bush stadium against the Cox Colts. Kevin Solomon, QB for Cox, had some good attempts to move the ball, however, the Hellcats defence seemed to have the field covered. Reigning champions Hellcats’ offence was led by running back Phil Brown, who found the right holes to run though. Hellcats beat the Colts 24-0.

The second game was the KPMG Sharks against the Lone Star Mustangs. Led by QB Ryne Staback, the Sharks held the game tied at 6-6 right up until the last quarter. Interceptions, however, by the Mustangs defence allowed the Mustangs to gain back control, as they ran them back in for touchdowns.

Brad Connolly denied the Mustangs of their field goal by blocking the kick. The Mustangs won 24-6.

The Lynx seemed to have not yet gelled together, as they have now lost their second game of the season against Zulu’s Warriors who had a great game and won 10-0. Dionne Whittaker, QB for the Warriors, played superbly. Zulu’s came out with the intentions of winning and they did just that as they executed plays and balled out on defence.

Andro Killa Killa-Panthers made their comeback from a tight loss last weekend against the Scorpions. They won against the Lady Sharks, 12-6, on Saturday. Scimone Campbell was 9-of-18 with one touchdown, but they still were short of a touchdown to tie the game. Christina Heffener, QB for the Killa Panthers, made 10 completions from 25 attempts, and through managed to give her team the lead by throwing two touchdowns, which gave them the win.

Maples Thundercats gave the Lady Saints a warm time as the game was in their favour mostly as the offence did their job and executed plays. Lilia Connolly took over as QB, which was a better opportunity to move the ball.

Lady Saints, a team of rookies, played a good game, but were unable to stop Maples from gaining extra yards and winning. Melanie Bush, Cherrie Graham and Yasmin James stood out on the Saints defence as they all made interceptions and played a good defence. But that was not enough to stop the Thundercats from winning 12-0.

Star Athletic were stopped short against Ultra B’zzz, who made some great plays. Tonia Ebanks had a great game for Ultra B’zzz on both offence and defence with one tackle, two interceptions and a reception. B’zzz won 14-0.

The Maples Dolphins blew out the WestStar Saints, 28-0, on Saturday. Dolphins QB Edri Barnett made four touchdown passes.

BK Panthers ran through the CSPM Hurricanes coming out with a 10-6 win. Along with the touchdown and extra point, David Taylor, the field goal specialist, contributed to the Panthers victory as he kicked a field goal.

Hurricanes did score but did not manage to tie up the game. Glenn Duran was under pressure as Paul Chin managed to get through to the quarterback often.

Crossfit 7Mile managed to slightly poison the BK Wolverines with a 6-0 win. The Scorpions scored in the second half as they managed to move the ball a yard from the goal line. Keisha Solomon scored the touchdown. Jessica Pawlik was pressured most of this game, but that did not stop her from throwing the winning touchdown.

Dolphins drown Hellcats in opener!!!!!
Jun 6, 2013, 8:50 am

The dms West Bay Hellcats had a shocking start to their season.

Dms would lose to Barrett Edri’s Maples Dolphins, 6-2, in the opening regular season games in the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association 2013 Digicel Summer League last Saturday at the Ed Bush Sports Centre in West Bay.

Rather than focusing on the defeat, Hellcat veteran Nikolai “Nino” Hill addressed the improvements the team has made.

“As usual, we’re super confident,” Hill said. “We upgraded our offensive and defensive lines, for example, we got Raymond Barnes in the offseason from the Cox Colts. We always had the most skilled players, but the ‘O’ and ‘D’ lines were a problem. During that whole losing streak last season, we couldn’t beat anyone on the line or keep guys away from Jacob ‘Frecko’ Ebanks.

“Craig ‘Festa’ Frederick is coming back on defence to join Al Nixon and Damian Barboram on the line. Barry Bush is back and Jeremy Miller is a replacement for us on both sides of the ball. We bolstered the trenches and we needed to.

“As for Oliver Parker, our running back, he’s about 70 per cent confident after his injury and we need him late in the season. He’ll be back at some point. We can win without him early on.”

The Hellcats now tangle with a Colts team coming off a 20-6 victory in its season debut against the WestStar Saints, a rookie club under Joe Byrd. Quarterback Kevin Solomon steadies a Cox team that has undergone major changes with vets Dave Nielsen and Jonny McLaughlin joining new faces like Mark Chisholm. Dms and Cox do battle this Saturday, 8 June, at 11am in West Bay.

The regular season lasts 12 weeks with the playoffs beginning on 31 August, so there is plenty of time for the Hellcats to improve. At stake for Cayman’s most dominant flag football dynasty is a chance at a fifth consecutive championship, which would be the franchise’s eighth title during the past decade.

Dms, meanwhile, can take note of last Saturday’s other results in the Men’s Premier League. Simon Rivers’ Burger King Panthers clipped Joe Pirone’s Lone Star Mustangs, 7-6, and Glenn Duran Jr.’s Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes edged Brad Conolly’s KPMG Sharks, 6-0.

All will be in action this Saturday at Ed Bush as Lone Star face KPMG at 12.15pm, WestStar challenge Maples at 3.30pm and Burger King tackle the Hurricanes at 4.45pm.

In addition to the men, the competition features a ladies segment – the Women’s Premier League – which features players who previously participated in the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association Dart Women’s League, with Alexandria Saintvil’s Wolverines emerging the 2012 champs.

Behind model Treveen Stewart, the Wolverines would edge the Lynx, 9-8, last Saturday. Monique Roberts’ CrossFit 7-Mile Scorpions defeated Androgroup Killa Panthers, 6-0, Joanne Remillard’s Killa Bzzz crushed the Maples Storm, 15-0, Scimone Campbell’s Lady Sharks beat the Zulu Warriors, 9-6, and Star Athletic Club clobbered the Lady Saints, 26-0.

This Saturday, Lynx face Zulu at 1.30pm, while Androgroup tackle Lady Sharks. At 2.30pm, Lady Saints challenge Maples, while Killa Bzzz battle Star Athletic. At 5.45pm, Scorpions square off with Wolverines.

Hellcats not resting on laurels!
May 31, 2013, 10:57 am

The dms West Bay Hellcats have every reason to relax.

Cayman’s most dominant flag football dynasty is coming off a fourth consecutive championship season and its seventh title run in nine years. The squad has no major changes and their tactics are well established under head coach Jayson “Papi-Rican” Gonzalez.

Yet, as veteran Nikolai “Nino” Hill states, the team enters this season with guarded optimism.

“It’s not about our preparation, other teams are more prepared and have boosted their squads,” Hill said. “The Burger King Panthers and the Cox Colts, for instance, have recruited a lot and we got to match them.

“I’ve always thought we had better skill positions, but other teams are catching up. We just got to stay sharp and confident.”

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association sees the opening regular season games in its 2013 Digicel Summer League this Saturday, 1 June, from noon at the Ed Bush Sports Centre in West Bay.

This year’s league is marked by substantial growth as the Men’s Premier League has returned to fielding eight teams, as it did years ago. All of those squads take the field on Saturday with Joe Byrd’s Saints and the Colts up first and Jon Pump’s Lone Star Mustangs face Andrew Frederick’s Panthers at 1.15pm.

Glenn Duran Jr.’s Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes battle the KPMG Sharks at 4.30pm and the Hellcats tangle with Shawn Pitterson’s Maples Dolphins at 5.45pm.

There is also a Women’s Premier League with most of the players having previously participated in the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association Dart Women’s League, with the Wolverines emerging the 2012 champs.

All 10 female squads storm the field on Saturday. At 11am, Agueda Blake’s Wolverines, under coaches Adrean “Big Sexy” Russell, Phil “Pacman” Brown and David “Baggy” Taylor, face the Lynx, under Renford “X-Factor” Barnes and Oliver “Dark Star” Parker.

Shamar Ennis’ Androgroup Killa-Panthers challenge CrossFit 7Mile Scorpions at 2.30pm, while Killa Bzzz tackle Maples. At 3.30pm, Zulu Warriors battle the Lady Sharks while Star Athletic Club contend with the Lady Saints.

Hill, who has won five titles with dms, states the added competition in the men’s division is cause for concern.

“I’m not predicting another championship because this will be the toughest competition in league history. I’m expecting tough competition from Burger King, as Brendon Malice’s team is looking real good and super confident, the Bulldogs (now called the Mustangs) are still strong.

“With all that being said, we’re expecting to be in the mix with our experience and consistency.”

The Hellcats barely lifted the trophy last season as the Bulldogs played a tight final that was decided in overtime. Many of the talents that guided that team are on the Mustangs though 2012 league Most Valuable Player Dave “Spanish” Velez and quarterback Chris Spigner are expected to miss significant portions of this season for personal reasons.

Pump said the presence of new faces will present a challenge.

“We got some new faces on the team and it will take awhile for everyone to gel,” Pump said. “It will be a challenge. Then again, it will be a good league with some new faces and teams. We feel good about our chances.”

Mustangs run wild at Jamboree
May 24, 2013, 4:44 pm

The Bulldogs have a new name but figure to be a familiar force in flag football. 

Jon Pump and the Mustangs crew took part in the opening slate of scrimmage games at the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association 2013 Digicel Summer League Jamboree. The Ed Bush Sports Centre in West Bay served as the venue last Saturday. 

The veteran group has consistently been title contenders with the likes of Todd Hazlewood, Kevin Zimmer and Josh Parsons. That fact looks to continue as the side seemed composed in contests against the likes of Glenn Duran Jr’s Hurricanes and the dms West Bay Hellcats, the reigning four-time national champions who have seven titles in nine years. 

In all, 18 teams took part representing the men’s and women’s divisions of the league. The other male teams were Christopher Bennett’s Maples Packers, Kevin Solomon’s Cox Colts, Andrew Frederick’s Burger King Panthers, Rhys Ebanks’ KPMG Sharks and Joe Byrd’s Weststar Sharks. 

For the ladies, there were eight teams in the Wolverines, Panthers, Maples, Star Athletic Club, Scorpions, Lynx, Sharks and Zulu. The Wolverines are the 2012 champions of the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association Dart Women’s League. 

The league will start on 1 June with matches in West Bay. From there, the association states it will stage an NFL Kids camp with players from the Miami Dolphins and its usual slate of tournaments in the Fall. 

News of the jamboree and summer league comes after the association recently wrapped up its junior competition, The Security Centre 2013 Youth Flag Football League. Brett Eden’s Popeyes Saints, Kalie Broderick’s Dart Cayman Islands Dolphins and the Maples Raiders won the senior, middle and junior divisions, respectively. 

Season Kick-Off Party!!!!!
May 24, 2013, 10:46 am

KickOff Party

Burger Shack stuffed with glory!!!!
May 17, 2013, 10:16 am

Captain Kevin Solomon together with teammates Terry Ballard, Will Peguero Jr., Sophy Broad and Cassandra Bodden presenting their championship trophy to sponsors Arthur Dzaghgouni and Carlos Farjallah of Burger Shack during their celebratory lunch.  Missing from photo: Perry Levy, Barrett Edri, Jessica Solomon, Malaqui Awe and Isatou Sey.


New champions will be crowned for youth flag football.
May 3, 2013, 9:50 pm
The Security Centre 2013 Youth Flag Football League is staging its finals this Saturday, 4 May. The Camana Bay Sports Field will host seven matches from 11.00 am.

The junior division is up first, pitting the Maples Raiders against the second-ranked Burger King Gators. Maples took an early lead on fourth-seeded Broadhurst Buccaneers last Saturday and never looked back. The Buccaneers fought hard, drove the field on several occasions but could not convert, losing 19-0.

Burger King beat third seed Fruta Kool Kidz, 13-0. The Gators coach summed the match as follows: Jomo ran in a 20-yard touchdown on the first offensive play from scrimmage and Nathan Morgan scored on a 5-yard run for the extra point to put Gators up 7-0.

Andre Edwards scored the second TD on a 4-yard run to give Gators a 13-0 lead. Defence was key for the Gators, as pretty much every player on the team either had a tackle or contributed to a tackle being made.

The Bucs and Kidz will play to determine the third- and fourth-place finishers.

In the middle division, the No. 1 seed Dart Cayman Islands Dolphins face the third seed Walkers Wolverines at noon. The Dolphins beat sixth-seeded Security Centre Patriots, 39-24, in an entertaining game where the Pats traded scores with their opponents.

Walkers clipped the fourth seed Strategic Risk Solutions Steelers, 26-19.

The Steelers came out strong, scoring twice. The first score was a solo effort from Kai Robinson Allard, who ran through the entire Wolverines defence. The second drive was an aerial attack by Shawn-Michael Scott, with passes to Kenneth Glidden and Adrian Powery to score the TD and extra point.

Walkers answered back with a quick score shortly before the end of the first half. In the second half, the Wolverines took control by scoring three TDs. The Steelers had a score of their own, but were unable to tie the game in the waning moments.

In last Saturday’s final game, the second seed Conyers Colts took on fifth-seeded Al La Kebab Titans. In an unfortunate twist of fate, the Colts were unable to field a full team. Players from other teams completed the roster and the Colts were able to narrowly defeat the Titans in the final seconds of the game.

In the senior division, the No. 1 seed Popeyes Saints battle No. 2 seed 3T Cayman Giants at 1pm. Popeyes barely beat the fourth seed Security Centre Packers. The Packers did not give an inch and the score remained tied 6-6 until the dying seconds of the game, when the Saints were able to score to seal the win.

The Giants had a close call against the third seed Cayman Islands Flag Football Association Ravens. These teams also proved to be equally matched with the score being tied at six at the end of regulation. In overtime, the Giants managed to score and grab the win.

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