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Tuesday April 24 2018 

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Panthers and Killa-Panthers notch coveted Premier League Titles!!!
Dec 10, 2013, 10:07 am


Thompson puts Wolverines on top
Sep 6, 2013, 1:24 pm

The Burger King Wolverines ended their regular season campaign in thrilling fashion. 

Burger King would beat the Lynx, 6-0, last Saturday at the Ed Bush Sports Centre in West Bay. The contest was part of the 2013 Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association. With the win, the Wolverines would grab the top overall seed in the Women’s Premier League. 

Jennifer Cotarelo stepped up as the Lynx quarterback for the second time. The Wolverines defense played a great game as they held the Lynx without a score, making four interceptions. Burger King came out on top with a touchdown made by Benieca Thompson within the first five minutes of the game. 

Another game with a huge impact on the playoffs was Zulu Warriors facing the CrossFit 7-Mile Scorpions. Zulu dominated CrossFit, 20-6, with a stellar showing by QB Dionne Whittaker. Renee Thompson had the game’s first touchdown for the Scorpions, but CrossFit could not score from there.  

The Lady Sharks gave Androgroup Killa-Panthers a warm time but lost 6-0. Although they played a great game, the Sharks could not stop Androgroup squeezing by as Killa-Panthers QB Christina Heffner had a starring role. 

The Ultra B’zzz ended their season with a 30-0 win against the Lady Saints. Marleena Smith led her team with a few touchdowns and interceptions against the Saints.  

The Lady Saints have improved their game and although they did not make the playoffs, next year they should be vastly more competitive. Maples Thundercats ended their season on a high note by beating Star Athletic Club, 6-0. It was a defensive battle throughout. 

In the Men’s Premier League, Maples Dolphins and Lone Star Mustangs battled it out, with the Dolphins winning 13-10. The dms West Bay Hellcats upset the Burger King Panthers, 6-0. The Hellcats played a tight and impressive defense, with West Bay stalwart Oliver Parker having the decisive score. 

KPMG Sharks completed their rookie run in the league with a 14-12 win over the Cox Colts. KPMG QB Ryne Staback was in top form for the Sharks.  

The result put both teams in the playoffs, with Cox making their second appearance in three years. For newcomers KPMG, the postseason berth is an impressive first. 

On the outside looking in for the playoffs would be the Cayman Power Sport and Marine Hurricanes and the WestStar Saints.  

The teams dueled it out in their season finale, with the Hurricanes dominating the Saints, 42-0. Donnie House had a solid performance in the pocket for the Hurricanes, while WestStar had moments of brilliance from Jon Whittaker. 

In all, six male and six female teams made the playoffs. The top two squads in each league, the Mustangs and Panthers for the men and the Wolverines and Lynx for the ladies, earned a first-round bye.  

The opening playoff matches are scheduled for this Saturday at Ed Bush. The match schedule sees the Scorpions facing the Lady Sharks at 1 p.m., the Dolphins tackling the Colts at 2 p.m., the Warriors battling the Killa-Panthers at 3:15 p.m. and the Hellcats challenging KPMG at 4:15 p.m.

By: Matthew Yates  


Mustangs run ahead of the pack
Sep 5, 2013, 2:40 pm

The Lone Star Mustangs and the Burger King Wolverines topped all others on the gridiron this summer. 

Both clubs earned regular season crowns in the 2013 Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association. Lone Star, behind quarterback Jamie Stephen, went 9-3 atop the Men’s Premier League, while Wolverines, led by veteran hurler Antoinette Lewis, went 10-2 in the Women’s Premier League. 

As a result, both squads earned first round playoff byes this weekend. Joining them will be the second seeds in both segments: the Burger King Panthers, who feature QB Chris Lucas, and the Lynx, who feature QB Kim Rivers.  

Both the Panthers and Lynx finished 9-3 over a 12-week regular season. 

The postseason for both divisions is expected to start this Saturday, Sept. 7, at the Ed Bush Sports Centre in West Bay. In addition to the top two seeds, four other male and female sides will be vying for a championship.  

The match schedule sees the CrossFit 7-Mile Scorpions facing the Lady Sharks at 1 p.m., the Maples Dolphins tackling the Cox Colts at 2 p.m., the Zulu Warriors battling the Androgroup Killa-Panthers at 3:15 p.m. and the dms West Bay Hellcats challenging the KPMG Sharks at 4:15 p.m. 

Maples, with talent like Leslie Harvey, earned the third seed at 8-2-2 while Cox, who featured Raheem Robinson, were sixth at 4-1-7. Reigning four-time champions dms, with Clay Coleman, finished fourth at 7-1-4. 

Will Peguero Jr. serves as cocaptain for the Dolphins and said the journey to the playoffs has been far from smooth. 

“The season has been a rollercoaster ride for us,” Peguero Jr. said. “We started out with a three-game win streak, lost our quarterback and one of our cocaptains, Barrett Edri, for a month and we went like 3-1 or 4-1 without him including a tie.  

“The team gained its stride toward the end of the season. We proved that by taking out the number one team. So we’re improving and looking forward, not looking back.” 

On the ladies side, CrossFit were the third seed at 8-1-3 behind the likes of Cassandra Bodden, while Lady Sharks, with Scimone Campbell, were sixth at 5-1-6.  

Zulu, 8-4, were fourth with Dionne Whittaker and Androgroup, 7-1-4, were fifth with Shamar Ennis. 

There were a total of 18 teams in the competition. Two men’s sides did not make the playoffs in the seventh place Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes, who ended up 4-8 behind talents like Donnie House and the last place WestStar Saints, who were 0-12 with David Hill.  

Four women’s squads failed to make the postseason in the Ultra B’zzz, who were 5-7 with Marleena Smith, Star Athletic Club, who were 3-2-7 with Amanda Nelson, the Maples Thundercats, who went 2-1-9 with Jessica Maxwell and the Lady Saints, who finished 0-12 with Tamika Byrd.  

All played their regular season finales last Saturday. Hurricanes crushed the Saints, 42-0, Hellcats beat the Panthers, 6-0, KPMG defeated Cox, 14-12 and Maples clipped Lone Star, 13-10.  

For the ladies, Ultra smashed Lady Saints, 30-0, Zulu toppled CrossFit, 20-6, Androgroup edged Lady Sharks, 6-0 and the Wolverines defeated the Lynx, 6-0.

By: Matthew Yates | matthew@cfp.ky 

Dicigel Fan Favourite Award
Sep 2, 2013, 12:28 pm
Vote for this weeks Dicigel Fan Favourite here:
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You can vote once a day until Saturday 9am! 

Panthers confident in title run
Sep 2, 2013, 11:02 am

For the most part, the Burger King Panthers have lived up to the hype. 

The preseason title favorites marched into the playoffs near the top of the standings in the 2013 Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association. Burger King capped their regular season campaign against the reigning four-time champions, the dms West Bay Hellcats, on Saturday in a game that impacted seeding for a pair of postseason-bound clubs. 

Burger King head coach Joshua Pawlik said his team’s play warrants talk of being the title favorites. 

“The best match-up for the league, in my opinion, would be us versus the Lone Star Mustangs in the final,” Pawlik said. “Over the past few years we’ve been very similar with good defense and fundamental football. Mind you, we can’t count out West Bay. They are the reigning champs that have won seemingly every other year. Once they get hot, it’s hard to beat them.” 

Burger King went into the finale with an identical 9-2 record to Chip Whitney and Lone Star. The association used a head-to-head tiebreaker to rank the Mustangs first over the Panthers. Trailing Burger King were Nicholas Roberts and the 7-2-2 Maples Dolphins and Al Nixon and the 6-1-4 Hellcats. Raheem Robinson and the No. 5 Cox Colts, 4-1-6, also had secured a playoff berth. 

In all, eight teams competed in the Men’s Premier League. Jeff Wight and the 4-7 KPMG Sharks were jostling with Smarnell Thomas and the 3-8 Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes for the sixth and final playoff spot. Alvaro Obando and the 0-11 WestStar Saints were in last place. 

The postseason is slated to begin on Saturday, Sept. 7, at Ed Bush Sports Centre in West Bay. Pawlik says his side has the personnel to make a deep run. 

“Our team is not built on one person. Taj Haye comes up with great catch after great catch. Andrew ‘Hoosh’ Frederick stands out on defence at safety and makes really great catches on offense. We have a deep defensive line with Paul Chin, Jon Carter and Collin Bodden. Our defense starts and ends with our captain Brendon Malice, who knows more about this game than anyone else. 

“Plus, our quarterback Chris Lucas is the best QB in the league. He has one of the highest completion percentages because he gets out of the pocket and throws to receivers like David Taylor. He’s good at avoiding the sack and making plays out of the pocket.” 

Burger King earned preseason hype this year after starting their training regimen immediately after last season, when the side was eliminated from the postseason by the Hellcats. Burger King would roll to eight straight victories in 2013 before a controversial league suspension dashed their bid at a perfect season. 

The record books will show KPMG as the team that halted the Panthers’ perfect season. That fact remains a bitter pill to swallow for Pawlik and company. 

“We couldn’t keep our perfect season intact. Burger King is such a great sponsor and we wanted to do it largely for them. Our goal now is getting that championship. We want to get KPMG in the first round because it hurts the most to see that 6-0 score on the records. We hope to see them again and we’ll see what the score reads then.”

By: Matthew Yates  

Maples leash Hellcats in epic tie
Sep 2, 2013, 10:59 am

Weeks ago, a draw was seen as a chink in the armor of the Maples Dolphins. 

That perception is sure to change after Maples had a scoreless draw with the dms West Bay Hellcats last Saturday at the Camana Bay Sports Field. The contest was part of the 2013 Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association. 

Dolphins co-captain Will Peguero Jr. said his squad is confident in its ability to compete. “There’s nothing holding us back,” Peguero Jr. said. “It’s rare that a team dominates us, normally it just comes down to mistakes as a team. We have a huge chip on our shoulders from last year when we lost to Doghouse (in the opening round of the playoffs).  

“We’re taking no days off, as far as the games are concerned. The ball is in our court, we beat ourselves most times and now we just have to be more dominant than anyone else.” 

Saturday’s contest went into overtime without a score. Veteran Hellcat receiver Clay Coleman should have been the hero but dropped the game-winning touchdown in the end zone.  

Maples played with great tenacity on both sides of the ball behind the likes of quarterback Barrett Edri on offense and cornerback Lincoln Bodden on defense. The Dolphins would hand the four-time reigning champions their first tie of the year, in spite of good moments from West Bay veterans like Jacob “Frecko” Ebanks and Phil Brown. 

The result did not have much effect on the Men’s Premier League standings. Maples are still third at 7-2-2, while the Hellcats are firmly in fourth place at 6-1-4. Both squads trail Brendon Malice and the Burger King Panthers and Paul Reichard and the Lone Star Mustangs as those teams have identical 9-2 marks.  

The Panthers beat the 4-1-6 Cox Colts, 7-0, last Saturday, while the Mustangs smashed the 3-8 Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes, 26-8. Cox are currently fifth and the only other team with a secure postseason spot, its second playoff berth in three years. 

Outside of the top five, the standings see Michael Swaby and the 4-7 KPMG Sharks ahead of the Hurricanes and the 0-10 WestStar Saints, with rookies like Leon Conolly.  

The regular season finale is slated for this Saturday, Aug. 31, at Ed Bush Sports Centre in West Bay. Saints face Hurricanes at 10 a.m., Panthers tackle Hellcats at 11:15 a.m., Cox battle KPMG at 2:30 p.m. and Lone Star challenge Maples at 3:45 p.m. 

For Maples head coach Shawn Pitterson, the sky is the limit for his Dolphins. 

“I am very impressed with our team,” Pitterson said. “I am very optimistic that we are going to win the championship. We have a team of players with knowledge of the game mixed with young and talented players. We have to continue to practice and work hard as a team and together we can win it all.” 

After the 12-week regular season wraps up on Saturday, the playoffs are expected to start on Sept. 7 with only the top six sides making the postseason and the top two seeds earn first round byes. 

Playoff seeding is also on women’s minds as the league’s 10 female teams also play this Saturday. At 12:30 p.m., the Lady Saints face Ultra B’zzz while CrossFit 7-Mile Scorpions tackle Zulu Warriors. At 1:30 p.m., Androgroup Killa-Panthers battle Lady Sharks while Lynx battle Wolverines. At 5 p.m., Maples Thundercats challenge Star Athletic Club. 

The Women’s Premier League standings are tight as Shinette Rhoden and the first place Wolverines and the Lynx with Saneata Smith are 9-2; Cassandra Bodden and the 8-1-2 Scorpions are third; and Sheyla Torres and the 7-4 Warriors are fourth.  

The rest of the standings feature Alicia Dixon and the 6-1-4 Killa-Panthers; Scimone Campbell and the 5-1-5 Lady Sharks; Kathy Miller and the 4-7 B’zzz; Amanda Nelson and 3-2-6 Star Athletic; Jessica Maxwell and the 1-1-9 Thundercats; and Danielle James with the 0-11 Lady Saints.

By: Matthew Yates  

Dolphins chasing more respect
Sep 2, 2013, 10:55 am

The Maples Dolphins have all the ingredients of a contending team. 

They have veteran leadership, exceptional athletes and victories over some of the top teams in the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association 2013 Digicel Summer League. Yet doubts linger over how serious Maples are with a draw on their record and a history of playoff futility. 

Dolphins cocaptain Will Peguero Jr. said his team wants to shed any labels of mediocrity. 

“We’re out there trying to get it done,” Peguero said. “We’re very much underrated because we tied with the Cox Colts. It’s all centered around consistency, when you don’t win consistently, people will doubt you. We have a short-term memory approach.  

“We feel we can beat any team. We don’t play down to anyone, we approach each team with the same tenacity. Like Herm Edwards said, we play to win the game. When we lose, we beat ourselves. We’re coming for a championship this year.” 

Maples currently sit third in the Men’s Premier League standings at 7-1-2. The Dolphins trail Brendon Malice and the Burger King Panthers and Jamie Stephen and the Lone Star Mustangs, both teams have identical 8-2 marks.  

In pursuit of Maples are Damian Barboram and the 6-4 Hellcats, the four-time reigning champions; the 4-1-5 Colts, who feature the likes of Sonny Powell; 3-7 Cayman Power Sports and Marine Hurricanes with guys like Smarnell Thomas; 3-7 KPMG Sharks with talents like Jeff Wight; and 0-10 WestStar Saints, with prodigies like Dudley Ramsay. 

All of those teams are slated to leap into action this Saturday, Aug. 24, at Ed Bush Sports Centre in West Bay. Cox face Panthers at 11 a.m., Saints tackle Sharks at 12:15 p.m., Hurricanes battle Mustangs at 3:30 p.m. and Maples challenge Hellcats at 4:45 p.m. in week 11 of the 12-week season. The playoffs are expected to start on Sept. 7 with only the top six sides making the postseason and the top two seeds earn first round byes. 

Peguero said Saturday’s clash, which comes after Maples beat West Bay in week one, is all about playoff seeding. 

“We’re taking this game each week and we’re more focused on the task this week. Last time out it was Burger King and this week it’s West Bay. We have the toughest schedule in the second half of the season. We’re preparing ourselves for the postseason, we want that bye. We have room to grow and it’s up to us to get it done,” he said. 

Statistics-wise, Maples have been decent. The Dolphins are fourth in scoring (registering 136 points) and fourth in defense (allowing 80 points). The side has an offensive dynamo in Leslie Harvey (one rushing, three receiving and six passing touchdowns) and solid two-way player in Jordan Cacho (nine tackles and one interception for a TD on defense with eight catches and a TD on offense).  

Peguero said many players deserve props for their play. 

“The only word going around in our camp is championship. When we do well, it’s because everyone on the team does well. Christopher Bennett has definitely improved and having his best year at receiver. Davanni James gets in the backfield, Leslie doesn’t get enough credit for leading us while quarterback Barrett Edri was gone.  

“People like Terry Ballard have stepped up this year and head coach Shawn Pitterson has committed so much to the team, on and off the field. The offensive line never gets much love, with people like Andrew Graham, but when they do well, the team does well,” Peguero said. 

Playoff buzz is not only for male players as the ladies are also in action on Saturday. Lady Saints face Lynx at 10 a.m., Maples Thundercats tackle Androgroup Killa-Panthers at 1:30 p.m., while Zulu Warriors battle Ultra B’zzz and at 2:30 p.m. Lady Sharks attack CrossFit 7-Mile Scorpions while Wolverines challenge Star Athletic Club. 

The Women’s Premier League standings are tight as Shinette Rhoden and the first place Wolverines and the Lynx with Saneata Smith are 8-2; Cassandra Bodden and the 7-1-2 Scorpions are third; and Sheyla Torres and the 6-4 Warriors are fourth. The rest of the standings feature Shamar Ennis and the 5-1-4 Killa-Panthers; Scimone Campbell and the 5-1-4 Lady Sharks; Kathy Miller and the 4-6 B’zzz; Amanda Nelson and the 3-2-5 Star Athletic; Jessica Maxwell and the 1-1-8 Thundercats; and Danielle James with the 0-10 Lady Saints.

By: Matthew Yates 

Mustangs corral Colts
Aug 19, 2013, 11:56 am

Week 10 of the 2013 Digicel Summer League was in full effect last Saturday at Camana Bay.  

The competition, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association, featured another day of close games, beginning with the Cox Colts battling the Lone Star Mustangs. Kevin Solomon, Cox’s usual QB, shifted into receiver as Brian O’Reilly stepped into the pocket and showed his skill running the ball. 

Mustangs, led by veteran QB Jamie Stephen, were determined to defend their number two seed that they just received. The Colts were first to get on the scoreboard as O’Reilly connected with Solomon on a touchdown pass. Lone Star’s defence would sharpen up from there and lead to a 13-6 Mustangs victory.  

The game of the day featured two teams fighting for a playoff spot in the KPMG Sharks and Cayman Power Sport and Marine Hurricanes. Sharks QB Ryne Staback ran the ball when needed and the game was tied right into the last minutes of the second half. Overtime loomed but Staback found a receiver open on a go-route for the game-winning TD pass.  

For the women, the Camana Bay games were a return to their old home field with teams. The Lady Sharks embraced the venue change by thumping the Maples Thundercats, 21-0.  

Team captain Bobeth O’Garro spoke about the Sharks victory.  

“Without having our main player, Scimone Campbell, I’m proud of how the girls are playing,” O’Garro said. “We clearly showed that we can come together and play as a team and set out to win. Maples, a fairly young team, did well moving the ball but were unable to score.  

“Led by QB Jessica Jackson, the Thundercats did their best to execute plays and move the ball down the field. The Sharks defence seemed to pose too much of a threat for Thundercats to score.”  

Meanwhile, Star Athletic Club squeezed out a 2-0 victory over the Lady Saints. The decisive play was a safety as Star Athletic, without playmaker Amanda Nelson, sacked the Lady Saints QB in the end zone.  

While the Lady Saints remain winless, head coach Joseph Byrd Jr. said morale is high. 

“I’m happy with how my girls are performing in the amount that they’re learning each weekend,” Byrd said. “Each week of practice we try to take what we learned from the Saturday before.”  

Lady Saints player Yasmin James retired her coach’s sentiments, handing special praise to her defence.  

“This is the first game where a team has not scored a touchdown on us,” James said. “I feel better that our defence is coming together, offence is coming together, we’re learning and this is what the season is about.”  

In other action, the Zulu Warriors battled the Lynx, with Warriors QB Dionne Whittaker sidelined due to injury. Jessica Ebanks took up the QB spot to lead the Zulu offence. A defensive struggle throughout, the game’s only score would come late in the second half. 

Kimberly Rivers of the Lynx took it upon herself to ensure victory by running in a TD and completing an extra point pass to Christsania Parker. The Lynx would win, 7-0.  

CrossFit 7Mile Scorpions challenged the Ultra B’zzz looking for revenge after CrossFit lost their perfect season to Ultra in their last encounter. Cassandra Ebanks served as Scorpions QB position, while the B’zzz relied on Anna Nyaundai. CrossFit were too sharp on offence and rolled to a 32-0 thrashing of Ultra.  

B’zzz coach Matt Bone said his team is going to practice hard this week and regroup. 

“We want to get into the playoffs this season and that’s exactly what we’re going to practice to do,” Bone said.  

Following their suspension, the dms West Bay Hellcats came out and showed they never forgot how to win by dominating the WestStar Saints, 30-0. Veterans Nikolai Hill, Damian Barboram and Al Nixon all played well for the Hellcats. The Saints have shown improvement using young players like Jonathan Whittaker at QB, David Hill at receiver and Michael Gourzong at running back.  

Arguably, the most pivotal game to the men’s playoff race featured the Burger King Panthers and Maples Dolphins. The last time these two teams matched up, Burger King needed overtime to win. The Panthers, coming off their suspension, were determined to maintain their top billing behind QB Chris Lucas. 

Maples’ defence, led by Will Peguero Jr., covered the field well and with points hard to come by, overtime would ensue. Dolphins receiver Christopher Bennett would catch the winning TD as the Panthers suffered their second straight loss.  

The ladies wrapped things up as the Burger King Wolverines battled the Androgroup Killa-Panthers. Wolverines QB Antoinette Lewis never felt pressured as the points racked up. Androgroup’s offence, under QB Lisa Malice, struggled to move the ball and their defence, led by Heather Roffey, looked overworked. Ultimately, Wolverines won 19-0.  

Week 11 of the league kicks off this weekend again at Camana Bay. Only six teams from the men’s and women’s groupings will make the playoffs, which start on 30 August.  

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