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Sunday May 27 2018 

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Code Of Conduct

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Players and Coaches are the most important people in the sport of Flag football. Playing for enjoyment as a member of a team is the most fundamental part of the game. Whilst winning is the objective, it is not to be achieved at any cost. Fair play and respect for all others in the game is essential.


This Code focuses on players and coaches involved in any CIFFA league.


  1. Play flag-football to enjoy yourself, and accept that striving to win is more important than winning itself. Victory and defeat are inevitable, and should be accepted equally.


  1. Understand and abide by the laws, rules and spirit of the game.


  1. Players and Coaches will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times, never condone violations of the rules of the game or exhibit behaviour contrary to the spirit of the rules of the game.


  1. Consistently display high standards of behaviour.


  1. Respect the referees decisions at all times.


  1. Treat opponents with due respect at all times, and avoid words or actions that may mislead a match official.


  1. No offensive, abusive language or insulting remarks shall be made toward any other player, or official.


  1. No jewellery is to be worn by players during matches.


  1. Team Jerseys are to be worn at all times.


  1. Football cleats must be in a good and safe condition. No metal cleats.


  1. Ensure that all requisite forms are filled in correctly and provided to league office.


  1. No Refund Policy. Due to scheduling, teams who register & pay will not be given refunds at any given time. Players not abiding by the code of conduct may be suspended. All suspensions carry fines. Suspensions:



Two Game Suspension for the Player, $50 player fine, and $100 Team Fine:

  1. Throwing a punch (or similar abusive move).

  2. Leaving the sideline to enter an altercation (verbal or physical).

  3. Ejected from game (includes ejection for two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls).

  4. Disrespecting or Harassing a Referee or league official.



Three Game Suspension for the Player, $100 player fine, and $200 Team Fine:

  1. Throwing and landing a punch (or similar abusive contact).

  2. Initiating a physical altercation.

  3. Threatening a referee.



Six Game Suspension for the Player, $150 player fine, and  $300 Team Fine:

  1. Initiating a physical altercation after a game.

  2. Abusive Physical contact with a Referee at any point during, before, or after a game.

The above mentioned are only examples of incidents, all actions will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee and they will issue appropriate fines and suspensions. All Fines and suspensions will be carried over to the next league or tournament. Fines must be paid before a player/coach can participate in their next game. These are guidelines; each incident is reviewed by the disciplinary committee where fines and suspensions are issued.